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Laurence Aberhart photographer
Andrew Ralph Adamson film director
Alexander Aitken mathematician
Gretchen Albrecht artist
William Alington architect
All Blacks national rugby team
Rewi Alley author, educator, social reformer
Chris Amon race car driver
Rita Angus artist
Billy Apple artist
Peter Arnett journalist, winner pulitzer prize
Sylvia Ashton-Warner author, poet, educator
Nathan Astle cricketer
Ian Athfield architect
Anne Audain middle, long distance athlete
Erin Baker athlete
Murray Ball cartoonist
Barry Barclay film maker
Simon Barnett radio, television host
Brian Barratt-Boyes pioneering heart surgeon
Jean Batten aviatrix
Kylie Bax actress, model
James Keir Baxter poet
Zoe Bell actress, stuntwoman
Peter Blake yachtsman, america's cup winner
Brian Brake photographer
John Britten mechanical engineer, designer world record setting motorcycle
Nigel Brown artist
Robert Burchfield scholar, writer, lexicographer
Chris Cairns cricketer
Catherine Campbell cricketer
Martin Campbell film, television director
Michael Campbell golfer
Jane Campion film maker, director
Niki Caro film director, producer, screenwriter
Hamist Carter olympic medalist, triathlete
Len Castle potter
Sir Robert James "Bob" Charles golfer
Raymond Ching artist
Helen Clark politician, prime minister
John Clarke comedian, writer
Dame Marie Clay researcher, developed reading recovery intervention program
Jemaine Clement actor, musician
Trelise Cooper fashion designer
Dame Whina Cooper maori leader
Morton W. Coutts inventor continuous fermentation method
Russell Coutts sailing match racer, olympic medalist
Joy Cowley author
Tina Cross singer
Russell Crowe actor
Barry Crump author
Max Cryer producer, broadcaster, writer
Cliff Curtis actor
Alan Dale actor
Melvin Day artist, art historian
Bevan Docherty olympic medalist, triathlete
Roger Douglas politician
Oliver Driver actor, director
Emily Drumm cricketer
Alan Duff author, columnist
Henry George "Harry" Ell politician, conservationist
Gareth Farr composer, percussionist
Elisabeth Findlay fashion designer
Brian Timothy "Tim" Finn singer, songwriter
Neil Finn singer, songwriter
Stephen Fleming cricketer
Janet Frame author
Maurice Gee author
Sir Harold Delf Gillies "father of plastic surgery"
Douglas Glass photographer
Sid Going rugby player
C. F. Goldie artist
Patricia Grace author
Sir George Grey soldier, explorer, new zealand governor, author (born in Portugal)
Richard Hadlee cricketer
Murray Halberg olympic medalist
Sir Charles William "Bill" Hamilton developer modern jetboat
Rhona Haszard artist
Charles Heaphy explorer, recipient victoria cross
Hone Heke maori chief, war leader
Martin Henderson actor
Rua Kenana Hepetipa maori prophet
Te Puea Herangi maori leader
Hongi Hika maori chief, war leader
Mabel Hill artist
Sir Edmund Hillary mountaineer, explorer
Te Randi Hiroa (Sir Peter Buck) maori leader
Debbie Hockley cricketer
Frances Hodgkins artist
Fred Hollows opthalmologist
Keith Holyoake former prime minister
Ralph Hotere artist
Michael Houstoun concert pianist
Dick Hubbard founder hubbards foods
Denis Clive "Denny" Hulme race car driver
Keri Hulme writer
Rachel Hunter model, television host
Witi Ihimaera author
Humphrey Ikin furniture designer
Tame Iti tuhoe maori activist
Peter Jackson director, producer, writer
Rowena Jackson ballerina
Billy T. James entertainer
Philip "Phil" Keoghan television host
Richard Killeen artist, sculptor
Sir Frederic Truby King health reformer, founder plunket society
Michael King historian, author, biographer
Norman Kirk former prime minister
Robert Laidlaw founder farmers trading company
Peter Land actor, singer
David Lange former prime minister
Lucy Lawless actress, singer
Anna Lawrence hockey player
Michael Laws politician, columnist
John A. Lee politician, socialist, author
Douglas Lilburn composer
Danyon Loader olympic medalist, swimmer
Elsie Locke author, activist
Jonah Lomu footballer
Jack Lovelock olympic medalist
Sir David Alexander Low political cartoonist
Len Lye film, kinetic sculpture artist
Peter Lynn engineer, inventor, kite maker
Melanie Lynskey actress
Alan MacDiarmid chemist, nobel laureate
Margaret Mahy author
Dame Malvina Major opera singer
Robyn Malcolm actress
Bill Manhire poet
Katherine Mansfield author
Bruce Marsh playwright, critic
Dame Ngaio Marsh author, theater director
Paul Maunder film director, playwright
Colin McCahon artist
Shona McFarlane journalist, broadcaster, artist
Brad McGann film director, screenwriter
Dr. Sir Archibald McIndoe plastic surgeon pioneer
Peter McIntyre artist, author
Bret McKenzie actor, comedian
Sir Roy McKenzie horse breeder, racer, philanthropist
Bruce McLaren race car designer, driver, engineer
Colin "Pinetree" Meads footballer
Sir James Mills founder union steam ship company
Sam Morgan founder trademe
Temuera Morrison actor
Richard "Dick" Motz cricketer
Sir Robert D. Muldoon former prime minister
Ian Mune actor, director
Colin Murdoch pharmicist, inventor disposable syringe
Geoff Murphy film maker
Keith Murray ceramic artist, architect, designer
Sam Neill actor
George Nepia footballer
Guy Ngan artist
Sir Apirana Ngata foremost maori politician
Andrew Niccol screenwriter, producer, director
John O'Shea independent film maker, director
Michael Paarekowhai sculptor
Anna Paquin actress (born in Canada)
Sir Keith Rodney Park commander royal air force
Richard Pearse inventor, aviator
Brian Perkins radio host
Francis "Frank" Petre architect
Sir William Pickering space scientist
Nyree Dawn Porter actress
Antonia Prebble actress
John Pule artist, author, poet (born in Niue)
John Rangihau academic, maori leader
Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana founder ratana religion, faith healer
Te Rauparaha maori chief, war leader
Te Whiti o Rongomai III maori spiritual leader
Caleb Ross actor
Alison Routledge actress
Briolette Kah Bic Runga singer, songwriter
Ernest Rutherford physicist, "father nuclear physics", nobel laureate
Frank Sargeson author
Katherine "Kate" Sheppard leader women's suffrage(born in England)
Silver Ferns national netball team
Sir Keith Sinclair poet, historian
Amanda "Mandy" Smith hockey player
Kevin Tod Smith actor
Michael Smither artist
Peter Snell olympic medalist, runner
Ewen Solon actor
Matthew Sunderland actor
William "Bill" Sutton artist
Grahame Sydney artist
Dame Miraka "Mira" Szaszy Maori leader
Angus Tait electronics innovator
Blyth Tait olympic medalist, equestrian
Lee Tamahori film director
Rebecca Taylor fashion designer
Dame Kiri Janette Te Kanawa soprano
"Te Kooti" Arikirangi Te Turuki maori leader
Inia Watene Tauhia Te Wiata opera singer
Stephen Tindall founder the warehouse
Dame Catherine Tizard first woman governor-general
Mark Todd olympic medalist, equestrian
Kirk Torrance actor, playwright
Sir Jon Trimmer ballet dancer
David Tua boxer
Gwenda Turner author
Sarah Ulmer olympic medalist, cyclist
Charles Upham recipient multiple victoria cross
Karl Urban actor
Bianca van Rangelrooy artist
Daniel Vettori cricketer
Valerie Vili olympic medalist, shot putter
Alexander von Tunzelmann explorer
Rob Waddell olympic medalist, rower
Taika Waititi film director, screenwriter
Nancy Wake servicewoman
John Walker olympic medalist, runner
Karen Walker fashion designer
Vincent Ward film director, screen writer
Marilyn Waring economist, human rights activist
Sir Miles Warren architect
Robert G. "Bob" Webster avian influenze expert
Annie Whittle actress, singer
Anthony "Tony" Wilding tennis player, soldier
Maurice Wilkins molecular biologist, nobel laureate
Harold Williams journalist, polyglot
Yvette Williams olympic medalist, athlete
Sir Mountford Tosswill "Toss" Woollaston artist
Frank Worsley sailor, explorer
Douglas Wright dancer, choreographer










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