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We plan to share 100000 corporate websites by country as well as by name by 31.3.2025.

NGOs are keen to know the CSR Budget of companies. They can go to the website and see the Annual Report and in some cases the Sustainability report

What we are keen is Sustainability & Reputation Tree of corporates

This shares in brief various branches & leaves of the corporate tree like

like Vision, Mission, Purpose

like Governance, Ethics, Safety ...

Business Processes
like After sales or Cost cutting or Legal issues,

Community & Philanthropy
like donating money or employee time & talent

Financial resources,

Regulations & compliances
like self regulation or industry regulation

People & planet policies
like HR, Climate, Succession planning policies

Organisation environment,

Organisation health,

like Annual Report,

Stakeholder dialogue,

Important stakeholders
like Employees & their families, Consumers,

Signatory issues
like CEO Water Mandate,

Systems & indices
like SA 800,

like Government relations,






Baik Bong writer
Li Byong-Uk Olympic medalist, boxer
Kim Chaek hero, politician
O Chin-u soldier, politician
Hyon Chol-hae military officer
Choi Chol-Su Olympic medalist, boxer
Ryang Chun-Hwa Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Ryom Chun-Ja Olympic medalist, volleyball player
Ri Chun-Ok Olympic medalist, volleyball player
Ahn Eak-tai composer, conductor
Ri Sung Gi chemist
Ri Gun diplomat
Li Gun-mo politician
Kim Kye Gwan diplomat
Li Gwang-Sik Olympic medalist, boxer
Hwang He-Suk Olympic medalist, volleyball player
Paek Yong Ho general secretary Red Cross Society of Korea
Sin Son Ho diplomat
Pak Tok Hun ambassador
Pak Hyon-Suk Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Yon Hyong-muk politician
Kim Yong Jae ambassador
Hwang Jang-yop politician, North Korean defector
O Jong-Ae Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Kim Jong-chul politician
Kim Jong-il former supreme leader (born in Russia)
Kim Jong-gak member of North Korean military, politician
Kim Jong-nam former leader of DPRK
Son Jong-nam North Korean defector, Christian missionary
Li Jong-ok politician
Rim Jong-Sim Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Kim Jong-un supreme leader
Pak Kil-yon diplomat
Kim II-sung founder, eternal president of the DPRK
No Kum-Sok officer North Korean Air force
Choi Kwang military leader
Kim Kyong-hui politician
Pak Kyong-sam politician
Sun Myung Moon religious leader
Han Myeong-sook former prime minister of S. Korea
Jo Myong-rok member of the North Korean military
Kim Myong-Suk Olympic medalist, volleyball player
Paek Myong-Suk Olympic medalist, volleyball player
Paek Nam-sun politician
Jong Ok-Jin Olympic medalist, volleyball player
Jang Ok-Rim Olympic medalist, volleyball player
Kang Ok-Sun Olympic medalist, volleyball player
Kim Pong-chol politician
Pak Pong-ju politician
Jon Pyong-ho politician
Choe Yong Rim premier of North Korea
Choe Ryong-hae politician, military official
Chu Sang-song politician
Baek Sok poet
Pak Song-chol politician
Kim Song-Guk Olympic medalist, boxer
Ri Song-Hui Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Hong Song-nam politician
Kang Song-san former premier
Jang Song-taek vice-chair of the NDC
Kim Su-Dae Olympic medalist, volleyball player
Choe Su-hon politician
Yu Sun-Bok Olympic medalist, table tennis player
Chang Sung-taek politician
Jong Thae-yang diplomat
Pak Tong-chun diplomat
Jo Tong-Sop coach of North Korean national football team
Kim Tu-bong politician
Kim U-Gil Olympic medalist, boxer
Pak Ui-chun politician
Kim Un-chol Olympic medalist, boxer
Kim Un-Guk Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Kyong Wonha nuclear scientist
Kang Yang Wook minister
Kim Yeun-Ja Olympic medalist, volleyball player
Hyon Yong-chol four star general
Kim Yong-Chun leader North Korean military
Francis Hong Yong-ho Roman Catholic Bishop
Ri Yong-ho military officer
Kim Yong-il politician
Kim Yong-ju politician
Choi Yong-Kun former chief commander of the Korean People's Army, politician
Ri Yong-mu vice-chairman National Defense Committee
Kim Yong-nam politician
Choe Yong-rim politician
To Yu-ho archaeologist
Om Yun-Chol Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Oon Yung diplomat
Kim Zung-Bok Olympic medalist, volleyball player










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