Population of countries

Population of countries is crucial from many points.

CSRidentity.com thinks technology is moving faster and it makes countries far off from each other so close technically that a citizen in Australia can talk to a citizen in Russia within seconds on videocall or one can see the locations on Google Maps ...
Climate change is making the world come together faster and Australia Bush fir is one BOG sample
Corona Virus started in one country but has spread to about 178 countries and territories within days.
While in some countries, birthrate is overtaking death rate faster, there are countries where the death rate is overtaking birthrate and this is making future vulnerable.

We therefore think from Social, Health, Climate perspective Population of each country is crucial for all to know.

In each country, we plan to share NGOs which are working on the key issue of popilation. Go to country that you are keen from the countries.

We are thankful to Worldometers to share population with the world and click here to know the latest population figures.

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