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CSR in industries
Corporates must care every branch & leaf of sustainability tree & see where they are good & if possible, where they can improve, where they lack - specially human & planet policies

Our plan
10000 corporates
from 150+ countries
now to 28 March 2019.

Our service
Identifying issues
Identifying NGOs/NPOs
Employee volunteering

We will not accept any sponsor from beverage, tobacco, porno industry or corporates which have legal cases by the government of that country.

Any corporate in this industry is welcome to sponsor the CSR in this specific industry.
The sponsorer will get the top banner (only banner in this industry folder) and it can be linked to the corporate website.

Sponsor corporate can share philanthropy as well as non philanthropic issues and the sposor can take as many pages as they want in this specific CSR in industries folder.

We plan to share CSR in industries (including this industry) with corporates from all industries.
The sponsored corporate can be headquartered any where in this world.

There may be some issues which may not be shared to anyone including us because of concerns like privacy, competition, customer care, government's from other countries may have different corporate laws ......

Please remember that all of us depend on corporates, whether we are employees, clients, customers or people who buy products / services from corporates.

And remember that we are not talking here of corporates who just make money because we know even hospitals which take care of survival of human beings as well as other forms of animals.... may be registered as corporates if they are are not formed by trusts.

We are not myopic to just think CSR means Corporate Social Responsibility.
Infact philanthropic issues is a responsibility of all stakeholders whether they are for profits like corporates, consulting, ad agencies, PR agencies, funding agencies.... or not for profits like NGOs / NPOs or individuald citizens like queens, kings, philanthropists, celebrities, professionals, rich, upper middle class, middle class, lower middle class, human beings below the poverty line .....
We are thinking in the universal direction.

Communicate with the datacentre

Corporates must think
Sustainability tree top
Sustainability tree roots
Community & Philanthropy
Business Processes
Regulations & compliances
Financial resources
People & Planet policies

Organisation environment
Organisation health
Stakeholder dialogue

Signatory issues
Systems & indices



Global Compact


World Bank

Sustainability & reputation

Sustainability of organisation
sustainability of programmes / services


Reputation of organisation
reputation of programmes / services

Employee volunteering

Community based volunteering
Core competency volunteering
Human process or change of habits based volunteering
Skiill based volunteering
time based volunteering

Donation (financial donation)

blood donation
books donation

clothes donation

computers donation

donation of household products

product donation

eyes donation

organs donation

body donation

We will not accept any sponsor from beverage, tobacco, porno industry or corporates which have legal cases by the government of that country.