Rivers in Algeria

Chelif River
Chelif River, also spelled Chéliff, or Sheliff, the longest and most important river of Algeria. Its farthest tributary, the Sebgag River, rises in the Amour ranges of the Saharan Atlas Mountains near Aflou. Crossing the Hauts Plateaux for most of the year as a chain of marshes and muddy pools, the river loses most of its water but is replenished by a stream near Chabounia, the Nahr Ouassel River.

Draa River

Akoum River
Amassine River
Bou Sellam River
Boudouaou River
Chelif River
Cherf River
Deurdeur River
Djediouia River
Ebda River
Enndja River
Fodda River
Ghiou River (Riou River)
Guebli River
Hammam River
Harrach River
Isser River
Kebîr River (El Taref)
Kebîr River (Jijel)
Kebir River (Skikda)
Ksob River (Chabro)
Malah River
Massine River
Mazafran River
Mebtouh River
Medjerda River
Mellègue River
Meskiana River
Mina River
Nahr Ouassel River
Reghaïa River
Rouina River (Zeddine River)
Rummel River
Safsâf River
Sahel River
Sebaou River
Seybouse River
Sig River
Sly River
Soummam River
Touil River
Tsighaout River