United Kingdom

River Severn

The River Severn is the longest river in the United Kingdom, at about 220 miles (354 km).It rises at an altitude of 2,001 feet (610 m) on Plynlimon, close to the Ceredigion/Powys border near Llanidloes, in the Cambrian Mountains of mid Wales. It then flows through Shropshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, with the county towns of Shrewsbury, Worcester and Gloucester on its banks. With an average discharge of 107 m3/s (3,800 cu ft/s) at Apperley, Gloucestershire, the Severn is the greatest river in terms of water flow in England and Wales.

The river is usually considered to become the Severn Estuary after the Second Severn Crossing between Severn Beach, South Gloucestershire and Sudbrook, Monmouthshire. The river then discharges into the Bristol Channel which in turn discharges into the Celtic Sea and the wider Atlantic Ocean. The Severn's drainage basin area is 4,409 square miles (11,419 km2), excluding the River Wye and Bristol Avon which flow into the Severn Estuary. The major tributaries to the Severn are the Vyrnwy, Clywedog, Teme, Avon and Stour.

Afon Ydw
Afon Ysgethin
Afon Ysgir
Afon Ystrad
Afon Ystumiau
Aldford Brook
Ale Water
Aline catchment
Alladale River
Allan Water
Allander Water
Allt a' Ghealaidh
Allt a' Ghlinne Bhig
Allt a' Ghlomaich
Allt an Lon Biolaireich
Allt Arder
Allt Bhlaraidh
Allt Breineag
Allt Camghouran
Allt Chaldar
Allt Chomhraig
Allt Conait
Allt Dearg
Allt Dearg Mòr
Allt Doe
Allt Eigheach
Allt Fearnach
Allt Girnaig
Allt Goibhre
Allt Graad
Allt Kinglass
Allt Loch a Ghiubhsachan
Allt Mor
Allt na Caim
Allt na Lairige
Allt nan Caorach
Allt Srath a' Ghlinne
Almond catchment
Alyth Burn
Am Beanaidh
Amar River
Amhainn an t-Sratha Bhig
Annan catchment
Annick Water
Anticlockwise from Menai Bridge / Porthaethwy
Archan River
Ardilistry River
Ardoch Burn
Armadale Burn
Aros River
Arth catchment
Artro catchment
Avon catchment
Avon Water
Awe catchment
Ayr catchment
Badachro River
Ballinloan Burn
Balnagown River
Bannock Burn
Barbreck River
Bardaravine River
Bargoed Taf
Barr River
Barr Water
Bay River
Beach River
Beauly catchment
Bechan Brook
Belladrum Burn
Bellow Water
Benlister Burn
Berriedale Water
Berthin Brook
Bervie Water
Biel Water
Big Water of Fleet
Biggar Water
Birks Burn
Birns Water
Black Brook
Black Burn
Black Cart Water
Black Devon
Black Esk
Black Water
Blackadder Water
Blackdog Burn
Bladnoch catchment
Blairton Burn
Blane Water
Bonny Water
Boondreigh Water
Borthwick Water
Bothwell Water
Boverton Brook
Bowmont Water
Bowstreet Brook
Brandy Brook
Breackerie Water
Breich Water
Brerachan Water
Broadford River
Broadshaw Water
Brora catchment
Brothock Burn
Bruar Water
Bruiach Burn
Buddon Burn
Bullcroft Brook
Burn of Ample
Burn of Ayreland
Burn of Boyndie
Burn of Boyne
Burn of Buckie
Burn of Cairnie
Burn of Canny
Burn of Davidston
Burn of Deskford
Burn of Durn
Burn of Elsick
Burn of Fedderate
Burn of Findon
Burn of Fochabers
Burn of Fordyce
Burn of Forgue
Burn of Glenmoye
Burn of Lochy
Burn of Lyth
Burn of Monboys
Burn of Mosset
Burn of Muchalls
Burn of Pheppie
Burn of Rothes
Burn of Sandwater/Burn of Pettawater
Burn of Sheeoch
Burn of Tynet
Burn of Weisdale
Burnock Water
Burry Pill
Cadoxton catchment
Cadoxton River
Cairn Water
Cairn Water
Cairnie Burn
Callater Burn
Callop River
Cample Water
Camps water
Camrose Brook
Cander Water
Capel Water
Carew River
Carey Burn
Cargen Water
Carnoch River
Caroy River
Carradale Water
Carrick Lane
Carron catchment
Carron Water
Carron Water, Aberdeenshire
Carsphairn Lane
Cartlett Brook
Castlefairn Water
Cefni catchment
Cegin catchment
Ceres Burn
Cessnock Water
Claggain River
Claonaig Water
Clarach catchment
Cledan catchment
Cleddau catchment
Clettwr Fach
Clettwr Fawr
Cluden Water
Clunie Water
Clwyd catchment
Clydach Brook
Clyde catchment
Clyne catchment
Clyne River
Clywedog Brook
Coastal streams
Cochill Burn
Coladoir River
Cold Brook, Cadoxton
Col-huw catchment
College Burn
Colwyn Brook
Cona River
Conglass Water
Conie Water
Conon catchment
Conwy catchment
Corran River
Corrie Water
Cowie Water
Cowton Burn
Craig River
Craufurdland Water
Crawick Water
Cree catchment
Cresswell River
Crigyll catchment
Croe Water
Cross water of Luce
Crynoch Burn
Cullen Burn
Cuttie Burn
Cynnant Fach
Cynnant Fawr
Cynon Brook
Daer Water
Daill River
Dalwhat Water
Darnick Burn
Daron catchment
Dean Water
Dee catchment
Derry Burn
Deskry Burn
Deveron catchment
Dibidal River
Dibidil River
Dighty Water
Diliw Fechan
Don catchment
Doodilmore River
Doon catchment
Dorback Burn
Douglas Water
Douglas Water
Dryfe Water
Dubh Eas
Dubh Lighe
Duchray Water
Duich River
Duisk River
Dulas Brook
Dullan Water
Dunbeath Water
Dundonnell River
Duneaton Water
Dwyfor catchment
Dye Water
Dyfi catchment
Dysynni catchment
Earl's Burn
Earnscleugh Water
Eas Gobhain
East Brook
East Coast
Eastern Cleddau
Ebbw River
Ebrie Burn
Eddleston Water
Eden catchment
Eden Water
Edendon Water
Eglin Lane
Eglwyseg River
Eigie Burn
Elliot Water
Elrick Burn
Elvan Water
Emral Brook
Endrick Water
Ernan Water
Errochty Water
Escley Brook
Ettrick Water
Euchan Water
Evan Water
Ewe catchment
Ewes Water
Ey Burn
Eye Water
Eynort River
Falls of Dee, An Garbh Choire
Faseny Water
Fenwick Water
Feochan Bheag
Feochan Mhor or River Nell
Ffraw catchment
Ffrwd Cerriguniawn
Ffrwd Wyllt
Findhorn catchment
Fionn Abhainn
Fionn Lighe
Firth of Clyde
Firth of Forth
Fly fishing on the River Carron
Fordoun Burn
Forss Water
Forth catchment
Forth to Tay
Fruid Water
Fruin Water
Funtack Burn
Gadie Burn
Gala Lane
Gala Water
Garbh Ghaoir
Garbh Uisge
Garnock catchment
Garvan River
Garwald Water
Geldie Burn
Gilwern Brook
Girnock Burn
Gladestry Brook
Glanyrafon Brook
Glaslyn catchment
Glazert Water
Glen Burn
Glen Golly River
Glen Lochsie Burn
Glen Mazeran
Glenalladale River
Glenashdale Burn
Glenbatrick River
Glencloy Water
Glencripesdale Burn
Glenegedale River
Glenfenzie Burn
Glengavel Water
Glengonnar Water
Glenlussa Water
Glenmore River
Glenmuir Water
Glenrosa Water
Glensanda River
Gogo Water
Golspie Burn
Goodie Water
Gore Water
Gormack Burn
Gortanaoid River
Green Water
Greenock Water
Grudie Burn
Gruinard River
Grwyne Fawr
Grwyne Fechan
Gryfe Water
Guelt Water
Gwendraeth catchment
Gwendraeth Fach
Gwendraeth Fawr
Gwter Fudr
Gwyrfai catchment
Gwys Fach
Gwys Fawr
Halladale River
Hamara River
Harelaw Burn
Harthope Burn
Heriot Water
Hermitage Water
Hetton Burn
Hoddom Bridge
Holms Water
Hope catchment
Idoch Water
Inverianvie River
Inverie River
Inveruglas Water
Iorsa Water
Irvine catchment
Isle of Anglesey rivers
Isle of Skye
Jed Water
Kale Water
Kames River
Kearvaig River
Keilor Burn
Keisgaig River
Keltie Water
Keltney Burn
Kelty Water
Kendrum Burn
Kenfig catchment
Kenly Water
Kenson River
Keppochan River
Kershope Burn
Kilbride River
Kilennan River
Kilfinan Burn
Kilmaluag River
Kilmory River
Kindie Burn
Kinglas Water
Kingledoors Burn
Kinloch River
Kinlochewe River
Kinnel Water
Kintour River
Kintra River
Kirkaig catchment
Kirkgunzeon Lane
Kirtle Water
Knock Brook
Knockando Burn
Kylerhea River
Langton Burn
Langwell Water
Leacann Water
Leader Water
Lealt River
Leanoch Burn
Ledbeg River
Ledmore River
Leet Water
Leidle River
Leithen Water
Leonach Burn
Lettie River
Leuchar Burn
Levern Water
Liddel Water
Lilburn Burn
Linhouse Water
Listing by area of catchment
Listing by length
Little Gruinard River
Little River, Highland
Little Water
Little Water of Fleet
Llanmaes Brook
Lliedi catchment
Llifior Brook
Lochar Water
Loin Water
Lòn an Eireannaich
Looking upstream
Lorgill River
Lornty Burn
Lossie catchment
Loughor catchment
Lower Clydach River
Lugar Water
Luggie Water
Luggy Brook
Lugton Water
Lui Water
Luibeg Burn
Lunan Burn
Lunan Water
Luss Water
Lussa River
Lussan River
Luther Water
Lyne Water
Machany Water
Machrie River
Machrie Water
Machrihanish Water
Maerdy Brook
Main Water of Luce
Manor Water
Markie Burn
Martin Burn
Medwin Water
Meggat Water
Megget Water
Mein Water
Melgam Water
Melin Cwrt Brook
Menie Burn
Mennock Water
Merkland River
Merlin's Brook
Mill Dam Burn
Mill Dam wetlands
Millden Burn
Millin Brook
Minor catchment
Minor catchments
Mochdre Brook
Moffat Water
Moneypool Burn
Moniack Burn
Moniack catchment
Monikie Burn
Monynut Water
Moray Firth
Mossat Burn
Motray Water
Mouse Water
Muckle Burn
Mull of Galloway to Gretna; rivers flowing into the Irish Sea and Solway Firth
Nairn catchment
Nant Aberderfel
Nant Alan
Nant Arberth
Nant Bargod
Nant Bargod Rhymni
Nant Brân
Nant Bryn-maen
Nant Bwlchgwallter
Nant Byfre
Nant Byr
Nant Cae-glas
Nant Canna
Nant Ceiliog
Nant Cell
Nant Cilmeddu
Nant Cledlyn
Nant Clydach
Nant Clywedog
Nant Crafanglach
Nant Cregan
Nant Crymlyn
Nant Cwm Llwch
Nant Cwm Wenderi
Nant Cwm-du
Nant Cwm-llawenog
Nant Cwm-nel
Nant Cwmtarw
Nant Cwm-y-geifr
Nant Cwta
Nant Cydros
Nant Cynon
Nant Cyw
Nant Duad
Nant Egnant
Nant Elfed
Nant Feinion
Nant Ffos-casaf
Nant Ffrin-fawr
Nant Ffrwd
Nant Ffrwd-ddu
Nant Freuo
Nant Fyllon
Nant Garw
Nant Gau
Nant Gwern y Gof
Nant Gwernol
Nant Gwrtheyrn
Nant Gwys
Nant Hylles
Nant Iechyd
Nant Llancarfan
Nant Llech
Nant Llech Pellaf
Nant Lledwenau
Nant Lluest
Nant Llychese
Nant Llynfell
Nant Lwyd
Nant Meigan
Nant Melyn
Nant Milwyn
Nant Morlais
Nant Pant-yr-Haidd
Nant Peiran
Nant Penygwndwn
Nant Perfedd
Nant Perfedd
Nant Rhuddnant
Nant Rhydol
Nant Rhyd-ros lan
Nant Rhydrosser
Nant Rhydwilym
Nant Rhydyfelin
Nant Sarffle
Nant Stwc
Nant Troedyrhiw
Nant Watcyn
Nant y Beddyw
Nant y Berws
Nant y Bugail
Nant y Cae
Nant y Cae Isaf
Nant y Caseg
Nant y fendrod
Nant y Gadlys
Nant y Gorlan
Nant y Goron
Nant y Gwaith
Nant y Gwndwn-gwyn
Nant y Henfelin
Nant y Llyn
Nant y Stepsau
Nant yr Argae
Nant yr Brithyll
Nant yr Eglwys
Nant yr Eglwys-fach
Nant yr Gafod
Nant yr Onnen
Nant-y-coy Brook
near Cunninghamhead mill.
Neath catchment
Nedd Fechan
Ness catchment
New Abbey Pow
New Cut/Guilsfield Brook
Nith catchment
Noddsdale Water
Noran Water
North Calder Water
North Coast
North Garvan River
North Medwin
North Sannox Burn
North Ugie Water
North-west Highlands
Nyfer catchment etc
Ogmore catchment
Ogney Brook
Ogwen catchment
Olchon Brook
Old Water
Olway Brook
Ord River
Ordie Burn
Osdale River
Outer Hebrides
Oxnam Water
Oykel catchment
Palnure Burn
Pembroke River
Penkiln Burn
Pitairlie Burn
Polharrow Burn
Portrail Water
Potterton Burn
Pouk Burn
Pow Burn
Prosen Water
Quair Water
Quoich Water
Rankle Burn
Rannoch River
Rea Brook
Red Brook
Rheidol catchment
Rhiconich River
Rhilean Burn
Rhondda Fach
Rhondda Fawr
Rhyd-hir catchment etc
Rhydyclwydau Brook
Rhymney catchment
Rhymney River
Riereach Burn
River Add
River Adda
River Aer
River Afan
River Affric
River Ailort
River Aled
River Aline
River Almond
River Alun
River Alwen
River Alyn
River Amman
River Annan
River Annan
River Applecross
River Aray
River Ardle
River Arkaig
River Arnisdale
River Arrow
River Arth
River Attadale
River Auchalick
River Averon
River Avich
River Avon
River Awe
River Ayr
River Bà
River Balgy
River Barrisdale
River Beauly
River Bellart
River Bladnoch
River Bogie
River Borgie
River Braan
River Breamish
River Brittle
River Brogaig
River Broom
River Brora
River Calder
River Canaird
River Cannich
River Carnach
River Carron
River Carron
River Cassley
River Cegidog
River Cegin
River Ceiriog
River Chracaig
River Clwyd
River Clydach
River Clyde
River Clyde
River Clywedog
River Clywedog
River Coe
River Coiltie
River Conon
River Conwy
River Cothi
River Coupall
River Cree
River Creran
River Croe
River Cur
River Cynon
River Cywyn
River Dee
River Dee
River Dee, Aberdeenshire
River Dee, Wales
River Deveron
River Deveron
River Devon, Clackmannanshire
River Dionard
River Divie
River Dochart
River Doe
River Don
River Don near Alford
River Don, Aberdeenshire
River Doon
River Dore
River Drolsay
River Druie
River Drynoch
River Dulais
River Dulnain
River Duror
River Dyke
River E
River Eachaig
River Earn
River Ebbw Fach
River Eden, Fife
River Egel
River Eidart
River Einig
River Eitha
River Elchaig
River Elwy
River Ely
River Ennig
River Enrick
River Ericht
River Erradale
River Esk, Dumfries and Galloway
River Esk, Lothian
River Eskin
River Esragan
River Etive
River Euchar
River Evelix
River Ewe
River Ewenny
River Falloch
River Farg
River Farigaig
River Farnack
River Farrar
River Fechlin
River Feshie
River Fiag
River Fiddich
River Finart
River Findhorn
River Findhorn
River Finna
River Fleet
River Forsa
River Forth
River Forth
River Foyers
River Frome
River Fyne
River Gairn
River Garnock
River Garry
River Gaur
River Giedd
River Glass
River Glen
River Glennan
River Gloy
River Goil
River Gour
River Grudie
River Gryffe
River Gwaun
River Gwendraeth
River Gwenfro
River Haffes
River Haultin
River Helmsdale
River Hinnisdal
River Hope
River Horneval
River Inver
River Irvine
River Isla, Moray
River Isla, Perthshire
River Ithon
River Kelvin
River Kenfig
River Kenwater
River Kerry
River Kiachnish
River Kinglass
River Kirkaig
River Kishorn
River Lael
River Laggan
River Lair
River Laxford
River Leasgeary
River Lednock
River Leven
River Leven
River Leven, Fife
River Liever
River Ling
River Liver
River Livet
River Lliedi
River Llynfi
River Loanan
River Lochay
River Lochy
River Lochy
River Lossie
River Loth
River Loughor
River Loy
River Loyne
River Lugg
River Luineag
River Lundy
River Lyne
River Lyon
River Mallie
River Mashie
River Massan
River Meig
River Meoble
River Moidart
River Monnow
River Morar
River Moriston
River Muick
River Mynach
River Nairn
River Nant
River Naver
River Neath
River Ness
River Nethan
River Nethy
River Nevis
River Nith
River Nith
River Noe
River North Esk
River North Esk
River North Esk catchment
River Ogmore
River Oich
River Orchy
River Ore
River Orrin
River Ose
River Oude
River Oykel
River Pattack
River Peffery
River Polloch
River Polly
River Quaich
River Rha
River Rheidol
River Rhiw
River Rhondda
River Ritec
River Romesdal
River Roy
River Ruel
River Runie
River Sand
River Sark
River Scaddle
River Severn
River Sgitheach
River Shiel
River Shin
River Shira
River Skinsdale
River Sligachan
River Snizort
River Solva
River Sorn
River South Esk
River South Esk
River South Esk catchment
River Spean
River Spey
River Spey
River Spey at Aberlour
River Stinchar
River Strae
River Strathy
River Tâf
River Tain
River Talisker
River Talladale
River Taodail
River Tarbert
River Tarff
River Tawe
River Tay
River Tay
River Teifi
River Teirw
River Teith
River Terrig
River Teviot
River Thaw
River Thurso
River Till
River Tilt
River Tirry
River Tora
River Torridon
River Toscaig
River Towy
River Traligill
River Treig
River Tromie
River Trothy
River Truim
River Tummel
River Tweed
River Tweed
River Tyne
River Ugie
River Ure
River Ury
River Usk
River Vyrnwy
River Waycock
River Wheeler
River Wye
River Ystwyth
River Ythan
Rivers on Scottish islands
Roskhill River
Rotten Calder Water
Rottenraw Burn
Roughley Burn
Rudbaxton Water
Rule Water
Ruthven Water
Rye Water
Saddell Water
Saligo River
Sandend Burn
Sandside Burn
Sandwood River
Savary River
Scallastle River
Scarisdale River
Scaur Water
Scavaig River
Scouthal Burn
Seiont catchment
Severn catchment
Shaggie Burn
Shee Water
Shell Brook
Shian River
Shiel catchment
Shin catchment
Shinnel Water
Shochie Burn
Sirhowy River
Skipness River
Skye and the Inner Hebrides
Skyre Burn
Sleach Water
Sliddery Water
Slitrig Water
Snar Water
Soch catchment
Solway Firth
Sôr Brook
South Calder Water
South Garvan River
South Medwin
South Sannox Burn
South Ugie Water
Spango Water
Spey catchment
Spittal Brook
Stenscholl River
Strath Burn
Strontian River
Sully Brook
Sumardale River
Taf catchment
Taf Fechan
Taff catchment
Talla Water
Tarf Water
Tarff Water
Tarland Burn
Tarras Water
Tarty Burn
Tawe catchment
Tay catchment
Teifi catchment
Thaw catchment
The Annick Water
The Cour
The Dour
Thurso catchment
Tima Water
Tobermory River
Ton Burn
Tore Burn
Torrylinn Water
Towy catchment
Treaslane River
Tullich Burn
Tungadal River
Turret Burn
Tweed catchment
Tyne catchment
Tyne Water
Uisge Dubh
Ullapool River
Upper Clydach River
Urr catchment
Urr Water
Usk catchment
Varragill River
Viskigill Burn
Wamphray Water
Wanlock Water
Water of Ae
Water of Ailnack
Water of Buchat
Water of Carvie
Water of Coyle
Water of Cruden
Water of Deugh
Water of Feugh
Water of Fleet
Water of Fleet catchment
Water of Girvan
Water of Glencalvie
Water of Ken
Water of Lee
Water of Leith
Water of Leith catchment
Water of Luce
Water of Luce catchment
Water of Mark
Water of May
Water of Milk
Water of Minnoch
Water of Nochty
Water of Philorth
Water of Ruchill
Water of Tanar
Water of Tarf
Water of Tig
Water of Trool
Water of Tulla
Wauchope Water
Wepre Brook
West Water
Wester Fearn Burn
Western Cleddau
White Cart Water
White Esk
White Water
Whiteadder Water
Whitespout Lane
Whitrope Burn
Wick catchment
Wick River
Wigdwr Brook
Wooler Water
Worm Brook
Worthenbury Brook
Wrinstone Brook
Wych Brook
Wyre Fach
Yarrow Water