When many companies which make good profits or many people who earn lots of money, say that they are too busy and dont have even time to discuss about what challenges world faces on water, our heart cries. And if a company which sells water or water coolers or anything directly related to water says this, our heart breaks. And we have not asked any company related to water or any company for anything like this. So we are just saying our heart cries or breaks.

It will not cry or break even if we hear this because we know how people are or companies are.
But we want to share positive image of companies or philanthropists, so instead of saying who said this, we will share who supports global promotion of this issue.
Our idea itself is promotion of goodness and not promotion of badness.

We will share our Services in this digital world on 19.4.2021
Details on 19.4.2021


We have made provisions to share following in 193 UN member countries and 2 SARs.
And while we are happy to do online and offline research in memory of Bhau who was first amongst many others who started postponing founder's death on 28.08.2013 because he has not served Mother Earth enough and Rohan indirectly told us how integration is critical, we added that are will start helping all individuals & organisations from any country.


Corporates &
Stock exchanges


Ad Agencies
PR Agencies
Business Associations
Industry Associations



Funding Agencies   
Funding Proposals

Tourism Locations

Tourism Agencies



All the social, health & climate issues gives Brands an opportunity to share with the world what they admire. It can be any country and can be
1) independence day
2) interesting things
3) corporates
4) media
5) NGOs
6) funding agencies
7) Philanthropists
8) Ad agencies
9) PR Agencies
10) Business associations
11) Industry associations
12) Brand
13) Identity
14) Government
15) Political parties
16) UN
17) Police HQ
18) Helplines
19) Celebrities
20) Tourism locations
21) Tourism agencies
22) Funding proposals

In case of India which is our global example, we have opportunities for 27 brands for corporates (Index + 26 alphabets), 47 celebrity types and most importantly, 700 plus districts where we share NGOs in that district plus collectors & MPs plus separate page for 37 States & UTs ....

There are beyond country opportunities for brands like 27 opportunities for Fortune 500 companies (Index plus 26 alphabets) or 10000 opportunities to be on the right side of 10000 greats (world inspirations)

Plus our heart
Social issues where we have opportunity for NGOs from all countries to share link to their programmes on related social issue (so that donors & volunteers can contact them without us) or health issues where we just share brief information about the issue.

Climate issues is taken by Brand Thane.

We offer opportunities for all people & organisations from all countries to make Thane a global example of retail donation.

We will put Thane as sponsor till we get someone sponsor it. And we are clear that even if there is no sponsor for any issue, its ok. Bhau postponed founder's death because he has not served Mother Earth enough. So it is in Bhau's memory.

We have not mentioned any amount of sponsorship. And the sponsor will give money to our NGO, Developed Nation Network Trust, which has 80 G and FCRA, so we can accept money from any country allowed by Indian Government.




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United Nations



Independence Day



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