When many companies which make good profits or many people who earn lots of money, say that they are too busy and even dont take lunch in time, dont know what their child's academic lessons are in school or college, dont take time to meet their parents (forget about taking care, just meeting) ...our heart cries. Of courts, our heart doesnt break because we have seen the nature of people across the world. They care about their nature and doesnt care nature.

But we want to share positive image of companies or philanthropists, because negative image attracts people and it may lead to more TRP or visitors.
We dont want visitors who dont care, are money making machines. Our idea is promotion of goodness and not promotion of badness.

We will share our Services in this digital world on 1.8.20210
Having worked in Advertising & PR, we know that no company likes other company to be bigger than them in visibility. Even if a company pays higher money to enhance their Brand image, other companies dont like it. So we have decided that no company can sponsor corporates in their country or corporates in any other country and the cost they are willing to pay is not important for us, we care Brand Values. Yes, Ad, PR agencies, Media may be registered as companies but we are open to have their banner. And of course NGOs, Funding agencies, Philanthropic organisations, Celebrities can share their banner. Same with Fortune 500 comapnies.
The philosophy is same for other issues. Like no NGO can share their banner on NGOs in any country or Social, Health, Climate issues because in issues, we share NGOs working on that issue and brief info about the issue.

We do not mention the costs because if the costs are more than what we think are right, then we will tell them either to reduce the costs and give it to Developed Nation Network Trust which is planning to make Thane as a Global example or give it to any NGO of their choice and the NGO can be in their country or any other country.
If the cost is less, we will communicate with them with NO because we have worked from 1999 helping others (not bothering about money) but we cant help others if we dont earn.
Helping with data and information is good but people expect free information, so they drop r in the word free to say NO to any fee. R stands for Reputation and we dont want to drop Reputation or Rank or Reality of anybody on earth (Individuals or Organisations)

Details will be shared by 1.8.2021