Skill Development

A plumber is a plumber.
The insufficient skills and illiteracy compel the poor section of the society to put more than extra physical efforts. This is how they fulfill their basic needs. Despite sweating hard, they manage to earn daily wages only.

If the same person is a skilled plumber, then it benefits her or him live life.

Its the same story for agriculture or children or disabled or women or youth or whatever category one thinks of.

Even in the films, a skiiled actor doesnt need too many shots.
The first shot manytimes is ok.
It not only saves time for her or him, but for all the people associated there and it really makes economic sense to be skilled artist.

Now for some, this skill was always there is the blood but even the best artist is not a perfect artist. She or he needs to upgrade skills, know latest technologival advances .. so skill development is like a Change which is constant.

One surely needs to know the challenges people face.
But knowing challenges is not even half the purpose.
The bigger purpose is to know success stories of how people solved challenges.

We started with India in 1999 with and continued for quite long.
We realised that world is together.
So people across the world face same type of challenges.
But the culture, geography, talent differs countrywise and so does the programme types.

But our idea is a Good programme is a Good programme and like 10 is 10 in any country, good programmes are good programmes in all countries.

They key is change the programme based on community needs or culture & political pressure or geographic pressure ... you can modify programmes, copy prgrammes, scaleup the programmes ...

We completely agree that Government of a country has to address the challenges its citizens face and NGOs need to help the Government.

So we share government ministries wherever possible and share NGOs in success stories.