Brand Slogans (Brandwise and not countrywise)

Why no ads in pages where we share Brand Slogans ?
It may seem surprising that when we share slogans which are ad driven, we do not accept any ads. But having worked in Advertising & PR, we know that there should not be any dilution of one's ad and it is not at all advisable to share your slogan when major portion of the page has advertising of a different brand of a different company. Of course, we can use this space to promote our global example and that too retail donation to make this place a real global example of retail donation.

Any advertising & PR agency in any country can share their brand slogan free because it is our responsibility to share how creative teams work hard to get Mind Share which leads to Market Share.

Dont email us any photographs, images, presentations ..just email following
1) Name of brand with its slogan
2) Type of brand e.g. soap, television, mobile
3) Name of the ad agency which generated this ad slogan with link to the ad agency website
4) If the same brand has different slogans in different countries, just mention the country where the ad is run

Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat worked in Advertising and Social PR from 1985 to 1999 and he knows that every brand has a tagline or a slogan.

Advertising helps the brand share its identity and image is built by continuously sharing the same thing so much that it becomes a habit. (Founder therefore liked the idea of Lifebuoy 21 day programme where school children are told about washing the hands regularly for four weeks at their home and school. So washing hands becomes a habit).

As a responsible brand, Lifebuoy in school never told students to wash the hands with Lifebuoy but they shared that Wash the hands so that child health is taken care of. This means child does not fall ill easily (of course a child is a human being and may get ill, but the idea is the child doesnt get ill because she / he has not washed hands and avoids related diesases). This is good for parents whose children go to Municipal schools because their family income is low and they must spend money on child's disease (but no disease means no money or less money spent) and the attandance of the child in school also increases.

So that's real Social Responsibility of a Brand.
We know its easy to say but very very difficult to follow.

But on TV, every brand advertises with its slogan