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Envac is one of the most innovative players in the global automated waste collection industry and the inventor of the pneumatic waste collection system. With innovation and ingenuity, Envac leads the design and implementation of next-generation recycling using resource-efficient waste handling.

Founded in 1953 as Aktiebolaget Starksugarna, Sweden

Company is Stena Adactum AB, a company owned by Stena AB, one of the parent companies in the Stena Sphere (Gothenburg, Sweden).

Sustainable cities
Envac has an innovative waste collection system.
It helps maintenance of sustainable cities around the world.

Why Envac is a global example ?
1) Cities will not have open waste containers, overflowing waste bins or traffic jam and pollution caused by waste collection vehicles.

2) Makes recycling smart, sustainable and cost-efficient, enabling a circular economy and a better living environment.

3) Removes the inconvenience of traditional sorting

4) By collecting all household waste at a single point, the system is easier to maintain and more cost-efficient than traditional handling.

5) System removes the eyesore of overflowing waste containers and litter bins, replacing them with lean and clean waste inlets that are emptied immediately into the underground Envac system.

6) The sealed system removes foul smell and can be placed close to residential buildings, making littering a thing of the past.

7) Envac introduces a system for handling infectious waste. Infectious waste is put in special bags which are disposed of in a separate inlet and transported in a standalone system. In the collection station, the system converts the infectious waste into non-hazardous waste, which can be mixed with other waste or remain in a separate container. To maintain sanitary conditions, this system is disinfected automatically at regular intervals.

8) Collecting waste, laundry and infectious waste with the Envac system reduces physical contact between people and dirty material to a minimum. The waste and laundry are transported through separate closed pipe networks instead of on carts in corridors and elevators, which creates a safer environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

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