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Historical Locations in Thane district

Bassein Fort
Located in Vasai village of Thane District, this fort is visited by a number of people for its architecture and marvel features. As per history, this fort belonged to the Arab Sultanate of Cambay and was under the control of the Portuguese in the early 1400's. It was initially known as the 'The fort of St. Sebastian of Vasai' and became the headquarters of the Portuguese Captain. With time, it was once owned by the Maratha clans and later ceded to the Britishers. Today even the ruins inside the Bassein fort, it still reminds of the age old era but the watch towers and chapels are still intact along with the fortification which overlooks the creek of Vasai.

Hirakot Fort
One of the other historic fort in Thane is the Diamond or Hirakot fort. This fort was earlier used as the town jail. Later it was used as a emigration depot by the Mauritius government. Today the fort houses the offices of Police Inspector and the Prant officer.

Ghodbunder Fort
Located in Ghodbunder village, Thane, Ghodbunder Fort is known for its age old heritage. It was built back in 1730 by the Portuguese and was  earlier known as Cacabe De Tanna. In 1737, the Marathas took over the fort from the Portuguese. It was later captured by Britishers and used as a headquarter for district administration. Currently due to the ruins, the fort is under government for preservation and renovation purposes. Thane houses a lot of other forts which are renowned and have become tourist attractions for visitors.

Caves on Barad Hill
Located in Khunwada locality of Thana district, this place dates back to 7th and 8th century with a cave site comprising of a basalt stone top with 6 caves and water cistern. The caves are faced eastwards and have a steep westward phase. This monument is situated approximately 20kms from Dahanu and is carved on Barad Hill. This place was famous as a geological landmark for sailors who used it to predict weather conditions before sailing.

Brahminical caves of Pulu Sonavala
Located at the foot of Nana Ghat pass on Hill slopes, this place is a well known spot for those seeking for meditation and also for traders who pass the trade route. The Brahminical caves don't have a lot of excavations except in one of the caves wherein there is a massive hall with a central shrine and and side cells. Other monuments that can be located in Thane and around are mainly temples like Ambarnath Temple and ancient mound at Gas.

Sudhagad Fort, Thane
Sudhagad (also called Bhorapgad) is a hill fort situated in Maharashtra, India. It lies about 53 kilometres (33 mi) west of Pune, 26 kilometres (16 mi) south of Lonavla and 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) east of Pali in Raigad District. The summit is 620 metres (2,030 ft) above sea level. Recently the entire area around the fort is declared as Sudhagad Sanctuary.

The origin of this fort is said to date back to the 2nd century B.C the same age as the Thanale Caves and Khadsamble caves nearby. It was then called Bhrorapgad (after its presiding deity, Bhoraidevi). In 1436, it was captured by the Bahamani Sultan. In 1657, the Marathas took over and renamed it "Sudhagad"(the sweet one). It was a large fort and Sudhagad was considered by Shivaji as the capital of his kingdom. He surveyed it, but instead chose Raigad because of its central location.

In the regime of the Peshwas, the ‘Pantsachivas’ of Bhor became the custodians of this fort. After the annexation of princely states in 1950 the fort became patron less. As a result, the fort is in a state of ruins, even though it escaped the wrath of the British.


Global example : Thane
Masunda Talao (Masunda lake)
The first railway in India ran from Mumbai to Thane on 16th April 1853. This marked the dawn of the railway age in Asia.

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