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Tirunelveli District In Tamil Nadu
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Soldiers, Police, Below the poverty line people who live with humanity, Social workers, NGO Founders, Hospital staff, Health care workers, Chemists, Medicines Trees, Forests, Medicinal plants, Rivers , Extinct animals, Homes, Climate, People working in crematorium

Aaram Charitable Trust
Aathi Anbu Charitable Trust
Action Trust
Al Rahman Charitable Trust
Aladipatti Vaithilinganadar Pathrakali Ammal Educational And Charitable Trust
Al-Ameen Educational & Charitable Trust
Alameluammalgurukula Ashram
Amar Seva Sangam
Ambiha Charitable Trust
Amma Trust
Anna Charitable Trust
Annai Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust
Annai Rangitham Social Service Trust
Annai Theresa Social Welfare Charitable Trust
Annai Trust
Annibesant Mahalir Membatu Sangam
Association For Integrated Rural Development
Athma Jeevan Trust
Aum Pranavashram Trust
Aussi Community Development And Educational Society
Avathaar Charitabte Trust
Baliah Marthandam Educational And Charitable Trust
Bassur Pannaiyar Trust
Bethel Prayer House
Bharatha Yuva Kendraa
Blessed Bartolo Longo Trust
Blessed Hope Ministries
Bright Life Charitable Society
Bright Social Service Society
Bright Trust
Caussanel Educational Social Developmental Society
Caussanel Foundation For Children And Aging
Celestial Ministries Charitable And Educational Trust
Center For Orphans Development And Education
Centre For People's Education
Children Club Of India
Christ Ministry Trust
Christian Church Community
Community Action For Social Transformation
Community Welfare Organization Lead And Development
Daiva Doni
Darul Ilm Educational Trust
Deo Favente Arts Institute For Girls And Orphanage
Deva Trust
Development Organisation For The Poor
Devine Love Charitable Trust
Divya Prakash Organisation
Dorcas Upholding Hands
Elijah Revival Ministries
El's Mission
Emmanual Charitable And Education Trust
Environmental Advisory For Sustainable Trust
Excell (Excellent Children Education Through Law Leadership)
Faith Prayer Group Ministries
Florence Swainson Hr Sec School For The Deaf
Flower Trust
Fort Of Praise Ministries
Foundation For Innovative Science And Socio Economic Development
Friends Charitable Trust
Future Guide Membership Society Palayamkottai
God's Mount Ministries
Grace Educational Trust
Grace Multi Purpose Service Trust
Grail Trust (India)
Gramodhaya Social Service Society
Guard Society
Gurujothi Ashramam Educational Social Economical Development Trust
Hands Of Fire Ministries Trust
Hebron Educational And Charitable Trust
Helen Flaghrity Society For The Blind
Hermines Home For The Destitute
Hilton Educational Trust
Home Charitable Trust
Host Of Christ Trust
Human Development Trust
Human Mirror Trust
International Civil Rights And Consumer Public Vigilance
Jacob Edward Educational Trust
Jebamani Esther Educational Trust
Jesus Comes
John Milton Trust For Blind
Kallidai Social Seva Trust
Kalvari Anbu Trust
Karpaga Lakshmi Charitable Trust
Kings Educational Trust
Kings World Trust For Children (India)
Kiruba Charitable Trust
Kirubai Social Welfare Trust
Little Flower Home For Children
M K V K Charities
Maha Educational & Charitable Trust
Mahatma Gandhiji Seva Sangam
Mahil Trust
Malaivel Thondu Niruvanam
Manna Trust
Master's Vision Educational And Charitable Trust
Matha Educational & Environmental Trust
Meet Trust ( Matha Educational & Environmental Trust )
Mercy Home For Physically Handicapped And Mentally Retarded
Miracle New Life Social Welfare Trust
Miriam Charitable Trust
Mizpah Charitable Trust
Moonlit Trust
Muthamil Arakkattalai
Nambikkai Foundation
Narpavai Educational & Charitable Trust
National Rural Development Foundation
Nava Jeevan Trust
Ncft Educations Private Limited
Nettur Don Bosco Society
New Life Trust
Nirman Trust
Oscar Education And Charitable Trust
Peniel Trust
Popular Educational Trust
Programme For Rural Education And Social Service
Puratchi Trust
R C Diocese Of Palayamkottai
Rajeswari Gaushala Trust
Ram Public Charitable Trust
Read (Rural Educational And Development) Educational Trust
Real Social Organisation Of Youth Academy ( R-Soya)
Rosary Trust
Rose Mary Educational Society
Rozsa Mariah Educational Society
Rukmany Children And Women Welfare Trust
Rural Development Charity Trust
Rural Development Organisation Trust
Rural Education Awareness And Development Society
Rural Educational And Social Welfare Trust
Rural Reconstruction Organisation
S.S.Research Foundation
Sacred Heart Creche
Sadakathullah Appa Educational Society
Saint Mother Theresa Charity Trust
Sakthi Charitable Trust
Santhiya Amma Pengal Maruvalvu Iyakkam
Santhosha Educational Society
Sathiya Trust
Serva Trust
Servi Domini
Service Initiative For Voluntary Action Trust
Seyad Welfare Society
Shalom Charitable Trust
Shalom Educational Trust
Sls Trust
Social Change And Development
Society For Action And Change For Rural Education And Development
Society For Rural Development Trust
Sourashtra Foundation
South India Assemblies Of God
Spark Educational Trust
Sree Hariharasivan Charitable Trust
Sri Jai Sankara Educational Trust
Sri Maha Maya Sivalinga Pirathistai Religious Trust
Sri Maruthappagananiyar Charitable Trust
Sri Parasakthi Educational Society
Sri Ramakrishna Seva Nilayam
Sri Shridi Kaligai Saibaba Trust
Sri Siva Sakthi Charitable Trust
Sri Sivasailanatha Nadunillai Palli Kalvi Gulu - Neduvayal
Sri Subramanya Charitable Trust
St Xaviers Educational Trust
St Annai Theresa Welfare Organisation
St Joseph Crechep
St Josephs Home For Child
St Mary's Educational, Social Development Society
Sudar Ozhi Educational And Charitable Trust
The Chandrothaya Services Charitable Trust
The Dohnavur Fellowship
The Educational Society
The Eighteenth Society Of
The Melapalayam Muslim Educational Committee
The Muslim Orphanage Committee
The Salvation Army, India South Eastern Territory
The Society For The Care Of The Handi Capped Tirunelveli
The Society Of St Francis Xavier
Thirumalaiyandi Subbammal Memorial Social Welfare Trust
Tirunelveli Social Service Society
Universal Goodlife Ashram
Vaan Muhil Trust
Vacation Bible School
Vadamalapuram Education Trust
Vaigai Educational Trust
Valan Province Of S A T
Vallioor Multipurpose Social Service Society
Velu Social Active Public Charitable Trust
Vidiyal Trust
Vip Trust
Vivekananda Educational And Charitable Trust
Vivekananda Seva Samithi
Vizhuthukal Trust
Vyasa Sankaraparipoorna Sayee Dhatathreya Vidya Trust
Women And Child Development Society
Women's Education For Development Trust
Women's Renaissance Centre

If your NGO is having programmes related to social issue in this district, just email the name of the NGO with link to it and we will share it free.
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