Tourism places in the world
Adelaide, Australia
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Auckland, New Zealand
Basel, Switzerland
Berlin, Germany
Bern, Switzerland
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Boston, USA
Brisbane, Australia
Brussels, Belgium
Calgary, Canada
Canberra, Australia
Chicago, USA
Copenhagen, Denmark
Dublin, Ireland
Düsseldorf, Germany
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Frankfurt, Germany
Genev, Switzerland
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Hamburg, Germany
Helsinki, Finland
Honolulu, Hawai
Kobe, Japan
Lisbon, Portugal
London, United Kingdom
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Lyon, France
Madrid, Spain
Melbourne, Australia
Milan, Italy
Montreal, Canada
Munich, Germany
New York, USA
Nuremberg, Germany
Oslo, Norway
Ottawa, Canada
Paris, Fance
Perth, Australia
San Francisco, USA
Seattle, USA
Singapore, Singapore
Stockholm, Sweden
Stuttgart, Germany
Sydney, Australia
Tokyo, Japan
Toronto, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Vienna, Austria
Wellington, New Zealand
Zurich, Swtzerland

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