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We plan to share 100000 corporate websites by country as well as by name by 31.3.2025.

NGOs are keen to know the CSR Budget of companies. They can go to the website and see the Annual Report and in some cases the Sustainability report

What we are keen is Sustainability & Reputation Tree of corporates

This shares in brief various branches & leaves of the corporate tree like

like Vision, Mission, Purpose

like Governance, Ethics, Safety ...

Business Processes
like After sales or Cost cutting or Legal issues,

Community & Philanthropy
like donating money or employee time & talent

Financial resources,

Regulations & compliances
like self regulation or industry regulation

People & planet policies
like HR, Climate, Succession planning policies

Organisation environment,

Organisation health,

like Annual Report,

Stakeholder dialogue,

Important stakeholders
like Employees & their families, Consumers,

Signatory issues
like CEO Water Mandate,

Systems & indices
like SA 800,

like Government relations,






England Famous Natives

Douglas Adams author
Jenny Agutter actress
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje actor
Alfred the Great anglo-saxon king
George Alsop author
Gerry Anderson publisher, producer, screenwriter
Julie Andrews actress, singer
Naveen Andrews actor
Ken Annakin film director
Queen Anne queen great britain & scotland
David Arnold film composer
Rowan Atkinson actor
Richard Attenborough actor, director, producer
W. H. Auden poet
Jane Austen author
Alfred Austin poet
Charles Babbage mathematician, inventor
Robert Baden-Powell founder boy scouts
Samuel Bailey author, philosopher
Beryl Bainbridge author
Kenny Baker actor
John Barbirolli conductor, cellist
Charles Barry architect english house of parliament
John Barry composer
Shaun Mark Bean actor
Beatles George, John, Paul and Ringo, most successful rock band of all time
David Beckham soccer player
Kate Beckinsale actress
Bee Gees band
Alan Bennett actor, playwright
John G. Bennett scientist, mathematician, author
Steven Berkoff actor
Tim Berners-Lee primary inventor world wide web
Harrison Birtwistle composer
Black Sabbath band
Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell) author
Brian Blessed actor
Orlando Bloom actor
Anne Boleyn second wife King Henry VIII
Sir Hermann Bondi mathemetician, cosmologist
John Boorman filmmaker
Adrian Boult conductor
Melanie Brown singer, songwriter
David Bowie singer, songwriter
Barbara Taylor Bradford author
Sir Richard Branson entrepreneur
John Bratby artist
Harry Brearley inventor stainless steel
Jeremy Brett actor
John Briane author
Asa Briggs historian
Benjamin Britten composer, conductor, pianist
Anne Brontë author
Branwell Brontë artist, poet
Charlotte Brontë author
Emily Brontë author
Melanie Brown singer
Elizabeth Barrett Browning poet
Robert Browning poet
John Bunyan author
Kathy Burke actress
Beryl Burton cyclist
Kate Bush singer, songwriter
A. S. Byatt author
Lord Byron poet
Michael Caine actor
Naomi Campbell model
Lewis Carroll author
Howard Carter archaeologist, egyptologist
Francis Legatt Chantrey sculptor
Charlie Chaplin actor, director
Graham Chapman comedian
Charles II king of England, Scots, and Ireland
Bruce Chatwin author
Geoffrey Chaucer author
Thomas Chippendale furniture designer
Agatha Christie author
Tony Christie singer
Sir Winston Churchill prime minister, stateman, inspirational leader during World War II
Eric Clapton singer, composer, guitarist
Howard Clark golfer
Petula Clark singer
Steve Clark musician
Arthur C. Clarke author
Jeremy Clarkson television host, author
John Cleese comedian, actor
Joe Cocker singer
Sir Christopher Sydney Cockerell inventor hovercraft
Sacha Baron Cohen comedian, actor
Coldplay rock band
Samuel Taylor Coleridge poet
Joan Collins actress
John Constable artist
James Cook explorer, cartographer
Alistair Cooke journalist, broadcaster
Harry Corbett puppeteer
Simon Cowell music producer
Daniel Craig actor
Michael Crawford actor, singer
Thomas Creswick artist
Francis Crick scientist, nobel prize winner
Oliver Cromwell political leader
Barry Cryer comedian, comedy writer
Tim Curry actor
Glyn Daniel archaeologist, author
Charles Darwin founder theory of evolution
Richard Dawson actor, television host
Daniel Day-Lewis actor
Kiki Dee singer
Deep Purple band
Daniel Defoe author
Frederick Delius author
Judi Dench actress
Michael Denison actor
Depeche Mode band
Charles Dickens author
Bruce Dickinson singer, songwriter
Benjamin Disraeli prime minister
Robert Donat actor
Sarah Douglas actress
Margaret Drabble author
Sir Francis Drake privateer, navigator
Anne-Marie Duff actress
George Duffield jockey
Duran Duran pop group
Adrian Edmondson actor
Edward Elgar composer
George Eliot author
Ebenezer Elliott poet
Joe Elliott singer
Peter Elliott Olympic medalist
Brian Eno musician
Rupert Everett actor
Craig Fairbrass actor
Guy Fawkes heroic military leader
Tom Felton actor
Ralph Fiennes actor
Mike Figgis film director, writer
Charles Harding Firth historian
Colin Firth actor
Peter Firth actor
Ian Fleming author
Martin Fry singer
Stephen Fry author, comedian, filmmaker
Thomas Gainsborough artist
Lesley Garrett opera singer
Elizabeth Gaskill author
Steven Gerrard footballer player
Ricky Gervais comedy writer
John Gielgud actor
Lewis Gilbert film director, producer
Jane Goodall ethologist, conservationist
Ron Goodwin conductor, composer
Stewart Granger actor
Cary Grant actor
Hugh Grant actor
Robert Graves poet, author
Graham Greene author
Rupert Grint actor
Alec Guinness actor
Edmond Halley discovered halley's comet
Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton race car driver
Thomas Hardy poet
James Hargreaves inventor spinning jenny
John Harris, Sr. entrepreneur
John Harrison clockmaker, inventor marine chronometer
Rex Harrison actor
Stephen Hawking theoretical physicist
Jack Hawkins actor
Nicholas Hawksmoor architect
Henry VIII king of england
Benny Hill comedian
Damon Hill race car driver
Graham Hill race car driver
Wendy Hiller actress
Damien Hirst artist
Alfred Hitchcock director, producer
David Hockney artist
Stanley Holloway actor
Rupert Holmes composer
Robin Hood legendary outlaw, folk hero
Bob Hope entertainer
Nick Hornby author
Bob Hoskins actor
Sir Godfrey Hounsfield engineer, nobel prize winner
Leslie Howard actor
Fred Hoyle astronomer, author
Henry Hudson explorer
Saul "Slash" Hudson musician
Emlyn Hughes footballer
Ted Hughes poet
Engelbert Humperdinck singer (born in india)
Elizabeth Hurley actress
John Hurt actor
Aldous Huxley author
Dorothy Hyman olympic medalist
Eric Idle actor, comedian
Jeremy Irons actor
P. D. James author
Sir Elton John singer, composer, pianist
Amy Johnson aviatrix
Davy Jones singer
Judas Priest rock group
John Keats poet
Nigel Kennedy violinist, violist
King Arthur legendary figure
Ben Kingsley actor
Kinks band
Keira Knightly actress
Edwin Henry Landseer artist
Angela Lansbury actress
Charles Laughton actor
Stan Laurel actor, writer, director
Hugh Laurie actor
Jude Law actor
Peter Lawford actor
D. H. Lawrence author
Sir David Lean director, producer
Edward Lear poet
John Le Carré author
Led Zeppelin one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time, highly influential on the sound of modern music
Christopher Lee actor
Matthew Lewis actor
Hugh Lurie comedian, writer, actor
Jeff Lynne musician
Phil Lynott musician, songwriter
Nigel Mansell race car driver
James Mason actor
Phil May cartoonist, caricaturist
Stella McCartney fashion designer
Roddy McDowall actor
Ian McKellen actor
John McLaughlin musician
George Michael musician
Wentworth Miller actor
Hayley Mills actress
John Mills actor
A. A. Milne author
John Milton poet
Anthony Minghella director, playwright, screenwriter
Helen Mirren actress
Dudley Moore actor
Henry Moore sculptor
Roger Moore actor
Adrian Moorhouse olympic medalist
Thomas Morley composer
Samantha Morton actress
Kate Moss model
Muse band
John Nash architect
Horatio Nelson naval hero
Mike Newell director
Anthony Newley actor, singer, songwriter
Sir Isaac Newton astronomer, inventor, physicist
Olivia Newton-John singer, songwriter
David Niven actor
Sophie Okonedo actress
Mike Oldfield musician, composer
Gary Oldman actor
Laurence Olivier actor
One Direction music group
Ozzy Osbourne singer
Clive Owen actor
Sir Edward Owen royal navy admiral
Wilfred Owen poet
Frank Oz puppeteer, filmmaker
Thomas Paine author, revolutionary
Michael Palin actor
Robert Palmer singer
Judy Parfitt actress
Nick Park director, animator
Camilla Parker-Bowles duchess of cornwall
Robert Pattinson actor
Fred Perry tennis player
Mary Elizabeth Peters olympic medalist, athlete
William Phelps colonist, landowner
Caryl Phillips author
Pink Floyd band
Robert Plant singer
Police band
Pope Adrian IV only english pope
Beatrix Potter author
Michael Powell film director
Jacqueline du Pré cellist
J. B. Priestly author
Joseph Priestly chemist, philosopher
David Prowse actor
Philip Pullman author
Dominic Purcell actor
Henry Purcell composer
Queen band
Daniel Radcliffe actor
Radiohead band
Sir Walter Raleigh poet
Arthur Ransome author
Chris Rea singer, songwriter
Steve Redgrave olympic medalist
Oliver Reed actor
Colin Renfrew archaeologist, author
Joshua Reynolds artist
Sir Gordon Richards jockey
Alan Rickman actor
Diana Rigg actress
Peter Mark Roget creator thesaurus
Rolling Stones band
Wayne Rooney footballer
Tim Roth actor, director
J. K. Rowling author harry potter books
John Ruskin artist
Margaret Rutherford actress
Peter Sallis actor, entertainer
Rick Savage musician
Ridley Scott filmmaker
Peter Sellers actor
Sex Pistols band
Jane Seymour actress
Ridley Scott director, producer
Tony Scott director, producer
The Shadows music group
William Shakespeare poet and playwright, widely regarded the greatest writer of the english language and the world's preeminent dramatist.
Helen Sharman astronaut
Henry Shaw botanist, philanthropist
John Sherwood olympic medalist
Maggie Smith actress
Lady Diana Frances Spencer princess of wales
Spice Girls band
Jerry Springer television host
Dusty Springfield singer
Terence Stamp actor
Imelda Staunton actress
Patrick Stewart actor
Rod Stewart singer, songwriter
Sting singer
Kiefer Sutherland actor
Connie Talbot singer
Elizabeth Taylor actress
Alfred, Lord Tennyson poet laureate
Margaret Thatcher only female prime minister
David Thewlis actor
Emma Thompson actress
Jayne Torvill olympic medalist
J.M.W. Turner artist
Tracey Ullman actress
Peter Ustinov actor
Frederick Varley artist
Queen Victoria the longest reigning monarch in british history, from 1837, until her death in 1901
(The) Wanted music group
William Thomas "Bill" Ward musician
Emily Watson actress
Naomi Watts actress
Andrew Lloyd Webber composer
Josiah Wedgewood potter
Rachel Weisz actress
H.G. Wells author
Billie Whitelaw actress
Sir Frank Whittle royal air force officer, inventor jet propulsion engines
Who band
James Alfred Wight veterinary surgeon, author
William Wilberforce philanthropist, abolitionist
Michael Wilding actor
Jonny Wilkinson rugby player
Ralph Vaughn Williams composer
Robbie Williams singer, songwriter
Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor prince of wales
Elizabeth A Mary Windsor Queen Elizabeth II
Kate Winslet actress
Ray Winstone actor
Virginia Woolf author
William Wordsworth poet
Sir Christopher Wren architect
John Wycliffe theologian, translator
Alan Young actor
Henny Youngman comedian

Northern Ireland Famous Natives

Gerry Adams politician, peacekeeper
Gerry Anderson radio broadcaster
Thomas Andrews shipbuilder (Titanic)
Iain Archer singer, songwriter
Colin Bateman author
David Bates physicist
Derek Bell harpist, composer
John Stewart Bell quantum physicist
George Best football player
Basil Blackshaw artist
Christine Louise Bleakley television presenter
Stephen Boyd actor
Paul Brady musician, songwriter
Kenneth Branagh actor, film director
Patrick Brontë author
William Burke serial killer, grave robber
Jocelyn Bell Burnell astrophysicist, discovered pulsars
Amanda Burton actress
Vivian Campbell guitarist
Amy Carmichael missionary
William Reid Clanny inventor safety lamp for miners
Darren Clarke golfer
Phil Coulter songwriter, music producer
Nadine Coyle singer
Patricia Craig author
Fred Daly golfer
Willie Doherty photographer
Barry Douglas pianist, conductor
Roma Downey actress
Adrian Dunbar actor
John Dunlap printer first u.s. declaration of independence
Joey Dunlop motorcycle racer
Timothy Eaton founder Eaton's department store in Canada
Garth Ennis comic writer
Angela Feeney opera singer
Harry Ferguson inventor (modern agricultural tractor)
Samuel Ferguson poet
Brian Friel playwright
Bronagh Gallagher actress
Sir James Galway flutist
Harry Gregg football player
Hamilton Harty conductor, composer
David Healy footballer
Seamus Heaney poet
Paul Henry artist
John Hewitt poet
Alex "Hurricane" Higgins snooker player
Jack Higgins author
Eddie Irvine race car driver
Pat Jennings football player
Francis Johnston architect
Marie Jones playwright
Brian Kennedy singer, songwriter
James (Jimmy) Kennedy songwriter
Sir Joseph Larmor physicist, mathematician
Sir John Lavery artist
Maurice Leitch author
C S Lewis author
Josef Locke tenor
Michael Longley poet
Martin Lynch playwright
Susan Lynch actress
Bernard MacLaverty author
Louis MacNeice poet
Patrick Magee actor
Deepa Mann-Kler artist
Sir James Martin inventor airplane ejector seat
Robert Blair "Paddy" Mayne soldier, explorer
Willie John McBride rugby player
Eamonn McCann journalist, author, activist
Mickey McConnell songwriter
Anthony Peter "A.P." McCoy jockey
Rory McIlroy golfer
Gerard McKeown poet
Ciarán McMenamin actor
F. E. McWilliam sculptor
Brian Moore author
Gary Moore musician
Van Morrison musician
Paul Muldoon poet
Ruby Murray singer
Liam Neeson actor
Sam Neill actor
James Nesbitt actor
Andrew Nicoll artist
Martin O'Neill football player
Ian Paisley politician, evangelist
Frank Pantridge inventor portable defibrillator
Glenn Patterson author
Mary Peters athlete, Olympic medalist (born in England)
Sir Henry Pottinger soldier, governor of hong kong
Eoghan Quigg singer, actor
Stephen Rea actor
Forrest Reid author, critic
Markey Robinson artist
Bobby Sands writer
Paul Seawright photographer
Feargal Sharkey singer
Victor Sloan photographer, artist
Sir Hans Sloane physician, art collector
Snow Patrol music group (founded in Scotland)
Michael Stone loyalist paramilitary (born in England)
Dennis Taylor snooker player, commentator
William Thomson (1st Baron Kelvin) physicist, engineer
Alexander Walker film critic, author
Robert "Roy" Walker television host, comedian
Leila Webster singer, actress
Norman Whiteside football player
Oscar Wilde playwright, poet, author
Ian Wilson composer
John Butler Yeats artist
James Young comedian

Scotland Famous Natives

Robert Adam architect
Sir Robert Rowand Anderson architect
Marion Angus poet
Sir William Arrol engineer
John Logie Baird inventor television
Iain Menzies Banks author
John Barbour poet
Sir James Barrie author, playwright
Stanley Baxter actor
Bay City Rollers music group
Alexander Graham Bell inventor telephone
Sean Biggerstaff actor
Tony Blair British prime minister
Esther Faa Blythe last queen of the gypsies
James Boswell author, biographer
Billy Boyd actor
Susan Boyle singer
David Brewster physicist, inventor kaleidoscope
Gordon Brown former prime minister
Robert the Bruce king, independence hero
Ken Buchanan boxing champion
Robert Burns poet
Gerard Butler actor
Jean Dunlop Cadell actress
Robert Carlyle actor
Thomas Carlyle philosopher, historian
Andrew Carnegie entrepreneur, philanthropist
Willie Carson jockey
Maxwell Caulfield actor
Charles I last king born in Scotland
Jim Clark automobile racer
Andrew Clyde actor
Robbie Coltrane actor
Sean Connery actor
Billy Connolly actor, comedian
David "Davie" Cooper football player
David Coulthard race car driver
Brian Cox actor, director
Donald Crisp actor
Annette Crosbie actress
Michael Cruickshank actor
Kenny Dalglish footballer
Donald Dewar politician
Dolly the Sheep first cloned mammal
James Donald actor
Donovan singer, songwriter
David Douglas botanist, explorer
Sir James Douglas "Black Douglas" soldier, knight
Thomas "Tommy" Clement Douglas minister, premier of Saskatchewan
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle author
John Boyd Dunlop inventor, founder Dunlop Rubber
Sheena Easton singer
Sir Alexander "Alex" Ferguson football coach
Craig Ferguson actor
Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin
Dario Franchitti automobile racer
John Hannah actor
Cliff Hanley journalist, author, playwright, broadcaster
Alex Harvey singer
David Octavius Hill photographer
James Hogg poet
David Hume author
Gordon Jackson actor
King James VI first king of Scotland and England
John Paul Jones naval hero
Deborah Kerr actress
Captain William Kidd pirate
Mark Knopfler musician
Simone Lahbib actress
Sir Harry Lauder entertainer, song writer
Denis Law football player
Annie Lennox singer
Katie Leung actress
Sir Thomas Lipton founder Lipton Tea
Joseph Lister surgeon, "father of antiseptic surgery"
David Livingston explorer
Loch Ness Monster mysterious creature
Lulu singer, songwriter
Charles Lyell geologist
Lord MacBeth last gaelic king of scotland
Norman MacCaig poet
Ewan MacColl singer, composer
Flora MacDonald heroine, saved life of Bonnie Prince Charlie
James Ramsay MacDonald former prime minister
Sir John A. Macdonald first prime minister of Canada
Kelly Macdonald actress
Robert Roy MacGregor folk hero
Charles Macintosh inventor waterproof clothing
Charles Rennie Mackintosh architect, designer, artist
Alistair Maclean author
Kenneth Macmillan ballet dancer, choreographer
Mary, Queen of Scots royalty
James Clerk Maxwell mathematician, physicist
James McAvoy actor
David McCallum actor
John Charles McDermott tenor
William McGonagall poet
Ewan McGregor actor
Ian McHarg landscape architect, author
Duncan McIntyre aviation pioneer
Kenneth McKellar tenor
William "Billy" McNeill footballer, manager
Colin McRae automobile racer
John Muir author, conservationist
William Murdoch engineer, inventor
Lynda Myles film, television producer
Paolo Nutini singer, songwriter
Caroline Oliphant poet
Sir Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi artist, sculptor
Allan Pinkerton founder Pinkerton Detective Agency
Sir Henry Raeburn artist
Gordon Ramsay chef
Ian Rankin author
Anne Redpath artist
Ian Richardson actor
Annie Ross actress
Francis Scott composer
Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott musician
Sir Walter Scott author
Robert W. Service poet, writer
Adam Smith economist, philosopher
Ian McKenzie Smith artist
Muriel Spark author
Dawn Steele actress
Jock Stein football manager
Robert Louis Stevenson author
Jackie Stewart race car driver
David Tennant actor
Alexander Todd chemist, Nobel Prize winner
William Turnbull artist
William Wallace fight for independence hero
Robert Watson-Watt inventor of radar
James Watt inventor, engineer
Jim Watt world boxing champion
Princess Margaret Rose Windsor royalty
Angus Young musician
Malcolm Young musician

Wales Famous Natives

Mac Adams sculptor
Laura Ashley designer
Sir Stanley Baker actor
Christian Charles Philip Bale actor
Shirley Bassey singer
Craig Bellamy footballer
Elinor Bennett musician
Aneurin Bevan creator National Health Service
Jeremy Bowen news journalist
D. George Boyce author, educator
Maxwell "Max Boyce comedian, singer
Rob Brydon actor, comedian
Stuart Burrows opera singer
Richard Burton actor
Joseph "Joe" Calzaghe boxer
John Charles football player
Charlotte Church singer
Gruffydd ap Cynan Welsh King
Roald Dahl author, screenwriter
Timothy Dalton actor
Josie D'Arby actress
Saint David (Dewi Saint) patron saint of Wales
David Davies swimmer
Geraint Wyn Davies actor
Lynn Davies olympic medalist
Richard Davies actor
Sir Robert Rees Davies historian
Russell Davies television producer, writer
Ryan Davies singer, pianist, songwriter
David "Dai" William Dower boxer
Edward II King of England
Gareth Edwards rugby player
Ivor Emmanuel opera singer
Brian Entwistle artist
Peg Entwistle actress
Clifford Evans actor
Geraint Evans opera singer
Gwynfor Evans pacifist, politician
John Evans explorer
David Lloyd George politician, statesman
John Gibson sculptor
Roger Glover musician
Owain Glyndwr king of Wales
Ray Gravell rugby player, broadcaster, actor
Hugh Griffith actor
Kenneth Griffith actor
Jemma Griffiths singer
Ioan Gruffudd actor
Llywelyn ap Gruffydd king of Wales
Nina Hamnett artist, author
Lyn Harding actor
Guto Harri news correspondent
Henry V King of England
Henry VII King of England
Alun Hoddinott composer
Mary Hopkin singer
Sir Anthony Hopkins actor
Donald Houston actor
Glyn Houston actor
Gareth Hughes actor
Richard Hughes author
Rhys Ifans actor
Katherine Jenkins mezzo-soprano
Augustus John artist
Barry John rugby player
Gwen John artist
Aled Jones singer
Grenfell Jones cartoonist
Terry Jones comedian, actor, screenwriter, director
Tom Jones singer
Brian Josephson physicist
Thomas Edward Lawrence "Lawrence of Arabia"
Saunders Lewis politician
Ted Lewis baseball player
Desmond Llewelyn actor
Gruffydd ap Llywelyn Welsh King
Arthur Machen (born Arthur Llewelyn Jones) author
Philip Madoc actor
Richard Marquand film director
Angus McBean photographer
Ray Milland actor
Captain Sir Henry Morgan privateer
William Morgan translator
Terry Nation television screenwriter
Ivor Novello composer, singer, actor
Robert Owen philanthropist, social reformer
Mike Peters singer, musician
Siân Phillips actress
Paul Potts opera singer
John Prescott deputy prime minister U.K.
Phillip Price golfer
Jonathon Pryce actor
Paul Radmilovic Olympic medalist
Matthew Rhys actor
John Rhys-Davies actor
Ceri Richards artist
Bartholomew Roberts pirate
Evan Roberts leader Welsh religious revival
Rachel Roberts actress
Bertrand Russell philosopher, social critic
Sir Harry Donald Secombe entertainer
Michael Sheen actor
Sarah Siddons actress
Victor Spinetti actor
Howard Spring author
Henry Morton Stanley journalist, explorer
Sara Sugarman film director, actress
Bryn Terfel opera singer
Dylan Thomas poet
R. S. Thomas poet
Barry Thornton photographer, author
Rev Lewis Valentine pastor, author, editor, activist
Andrew Vicari artist
Tim Vincent television host
Jimmy Wilde boxer
Christopher Williams artist
Emlyn Williams dramatist, actor
Iris Williams singer
Kyffin Williams artist
Rhys Williams actor
Shane Williams rugby player
Waldo Williams poet
Peter Wingfield actor
Howard Winstone boxing champion
Ian Woosnam golfer
Catherine Zeta-Jones actress










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