We will soon start digital volunteering for corporates.
Like many new things that only CSRidentity.com does, this type of volunteering is for the benefit of the world.
Its for corporate board members, CEOs or experts leading advertising agencies & PR agencies or leading funding agencies helping world.

Yes, it is a stress remover because they are out of stress and it gives them joy of helping world.
Like CEO of a large multinational having soaps as products, do not go to sell soaps to millions, but leads the company,
they dont go to communities but help NGOs helping communities. And in no way we are saying NGOs are secondary.
NGOs are primary source which even government uses to reach out to communities, after all they are Non Government Organisations helping Governments.

Details will be announced mid November 2022 and we will start approaching corporates then, so that the real programme starts in January 2023