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We plan to share 100000 corporate websites by country as well as by name by 31.3.2025.

NGOs are keen to know the CSR Budget of companies. They can go to the website and see the Annual Report and in some cases the Sustainability report

What we are keen is Sustainability & Reputation Tree of corporates

This shares in brief various branches & leaves of the corporate tree like

like Vision, Mission, Purpose

like Governance, Ethics, Safety ...

Business Processes
like After sales or Cost cutting or Legal issues,

Community & Philanthropy
like donating money or employee time & talent

Financial resources,

Regulations & compliances
like self regulation or industry regulation

People & planet policies
like HR, Climate, Succession planning policies

Organisation environment,

Organisation health,

like Annual Report,

Stakeholder dialogue,

Important stakeholders
like Employees & their families, Consumers,

Signatory issues
like CEO Water Mandate,

Systems & indices
like SA 800,

like Government relations,






Yunus Badat cricketer
Rupiah Bwezani Banda former president
Denise Scott Brown architect, planner
Lukwesa Burak news presenter, interviewer
Felix Bwalya boxer
Hastings Bwalya boxer
Ellis Chibuye boxer
Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba former president
Cassius Chiyanika boxer
Mainza Mathias Chona politician, diplomat
Robert Earnshaw footballer
John Edmond singer
Philippe-Henri "Phil" Edmonds cricketer
Stanley "Stan" Fischer economist
George Musarurwa Gregan rugby player
Tawny Gray sculptor
Sir Evelyn Dennison Hone last governor of Northern Rhodesia
Dafydd Rhys James rugby player
Victoria "Vicky" Mary Jones author
Victor Kachaka musician
Reuben Chitandika Kamanga politician
Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe poltician
Kenneth David Kaunda first president
Enoch Kavindele politician
Kennedy Kenyanta boxer
Cornelius Petrus Johannes "Corne" Krige rugby player
George Kunda politician
Robert John "Mutt" Lange record producer, songwriter
Chilu Lemba radio, television presenter
Alice Lenshina religious leader
Lewanika king of Barotseland
Daniel Muchiwa Lisulo former prime minister
Precious Makina boxer
Mamochisane Makololo queen
Mwesa Isaiah Mapoma ethnomusicologist
Malimba Masheke former prime minister
Samuel Matete track and field athlete
Godfrey Miyanda politician, military leader
Dambisa Moyo economist, author
Leo "K'millian" Moyo musician
Mpezeni warrior king of Ngoni group
Elijah Haatuakali Kaiba Mudenda former prime minister
Nevers Mumba politician
Nalumino Mundia former prime minister, ambassador
Kebby Sililo Kambu Musokotwane former prime minister
M continued
Lucky Mutale boxer
Obed Mutanya runner
Davis Mwale boxer
Keith Mwale Olympic medalist, boxer
Lottie Mwale boxer
Tasila Mwale singer, songwriter
Levy Patrick Mwanawasa former president
Lupando Mwape politician
Racheal Nachula sprinter
Paul Ngozi musician
Fackson Nkandu long-distance runner
Alick Nkhata musician, broadcaster
Baldwin Nkumbula politician
Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula nationalist leader
Nyumbu Mbunda chief
Julia Rose actress
Rozalla dancer
Michael Chilufya Sata president
Guy Scott politician
Sebetwane Basotho chief
Sekeletu Makololo king
Amon Simutowe chess grandmaster
Hammerskjoeld Simwinga environmentalist
Binwell Sinyangwe novelist
Wilbur Addison Smith novelist
Henry Tayali artist
Christon Tembo politician, army commander
Lazarus Tembo singer
Ahmad Thomson lawyer, writer
Tonny Wamulwa long-distance runner
Sir Raphael "Roy" Welensky former prime minister
Jeffrey "Jeff" Whitley footballer
Andrew Ballad Mutale Zulu singer, songwriter, economist
Maiko Zulu human rights activist, musician










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