CSR of corporates in the world : Corporates whose name starts with X
Corporates whose name starts with X will have this banner.
X5 Retail Group, Netherlands
X5 Retail Group, Russia
Xcel Energy, United States
XCMG Construction Machinery, China
Xcmg, China
Xenia, Greece
Xfund, USA
Xiamen C&D, China
Xiamen C&D, China
Xiamen International Bank,China
Xiamen International Trade Group, China
Xiamen ITG Holding Group, China
Xiamen Xiangyu, China
Xiaomi, China
Xiaomi, China
Xilinx, United States
Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology, China
Xinjiang Guanghui Industry Investment, China
Xinyi Glass Holdings, Hong Kong
Xinyi Solar Holdings, China
Xinyu Iron & Steel, China
Xiomi International, India
XMXYG, China
Xolo, India
XPeng, China
XPO Logistics, United States
Xponentia Capital Partners, India
X-Tigi Mobile, China