Activist Celebrities

Anna Hazare
Anti corruption, Rural development, Right to information, Watershed, Justice

Ashok Row Kavi, LGBT, Gay rights pionner

Aruna Roy, Workers and Peasants

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, civil rights activist

Kailash Satyarthi, Children

Medha Patkar
olitical and economic issues raised by tribals, dalits, farmers, labourers and women
Founder had the opportunity to meet her at Naramada River as well as when he interviewed her at her home in Mumbai

Ridhima Pandey, Climate change, India


Countries other than India

Autumn Peltier , Climate Change, Canada
Desislava Dobreva Petrova, Gay rights, Bulgaria
Eulalie Nibizi, Human Rights, Burundi
Gerd Fleischer, Human Rights, Norway
Greta Thunberg, Climate change, Sweden
Isra Hirsi, Climate change, USA
Leah Namugerwa, Climate change, Uganda
Lucretia Mott, Womens rights, USA
Rigoberta MenchĂș, Indigenous rights, Guatemala
Xiye Bastida, Climate change, USA