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Forbes 2000 companies are not shared rankwise by Alphabetical order. For rankwise names visit Forbes

Forbes 2000 are largest 2000 public companies in the world which are ranked by Forbes on 4 equally weighted matrics : Assets, Market value, Sales , Profits.
Names are available in public zone.
Visit Forbes 2000 Global on Forbes site with ranking

We value the research done by them.
They share the companies rankwise and not alphabetically.

We share them alphabetically for three reasons.
1) Reserach is done by them.
We dont want to copy the research.
2) A company ranked 365 is ranked based on Forbes criteria but that does not mean they are less in value terms (non financial as well as financial) terms for their employees & employee families or their supply chain or government of their country ... & of course consumers
3) It is easy to find out names if they are shared alphabetically. e.g. if one has to see Unilever but does not know Forbes 2000 rank, it is easier to go see alphabetical names.

CSRidentity.com is the only portal in the world which shares CSR (Sustainability in some cases) of Forbes 2000 differently.

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