Thanks is a small word

Donation can be $ 1 or $ 10000000000/0 The thinking and implementation of thinking donation is invaluable.

CSRidentity.com plans to start and promote retail donations

Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat, founder, is a driver who takes donors to the right NGOs in the issues they want to donate to in about 92 countries.

He worked in advertising and knows that the minute one sees award, most of the people click on it to see more.

No, he is not fooling either. Because he means CSRidentity.com will give you award.
And the award is not a physical trophy or award disc.
It is satisfaction award.

He is not committing but has dreams of donation of at least 10 million (1 crore) to NGOs, locations, stakeholders in Thane district of India and two of his global examples which are not in Thane. One has a hostel for disabled and another one has a hostel for nomadics.
Infact he plans to make Thane a global example of retail donations.

He has started donating Rs 3650/- per year (Rs 10 per day. Yes he knows that once in 4 years, there are 366 days in that year)
on birthdates of his, his mother, father, wife and two sons Rohan & Aum. He thinks that though his official birthdate is 8.8.62, on 28.8.2013 he got another birth because Bhau and others postponed his death because he has not served mother earth enough.

So Rs 3650/- 7 times a year which is Rs 25, 550/- a year and he knows that though the amount is not big, his thinking of donating to others on birthdays is important.

His son Aum, went a step ahead and donated his first income (as intern after doing his MBBS) by giving face masks to people in Wadia Hospital and to Transgenders in Thane. And he was so clear of climate change that he said to founder, he will not come from Nasik to Thane, so founder can give them. Also Aum wanted no photos when masks were given to Wadia and Transgenders but organisers said we must send it to Aum, so founder reluctantly agreed.

He went a step ahead and decided to donate books on medicine that he got from his parents to medical students who can not afford them because they are costly.
And the books will be much more than Rs 10000/- or USD 150/-

Founder did not know this great way to start serving mother earth when he got his first income as Rs 1000/- as trainee engineer in 1984 in Godrej Soaps.
Also he did not know Climate change is so deadly.

One page
Founder has decided to have a page for any individual who donates
Rs 10000/- or more
USD 150/- (In dollar terms it will be USD 150/-, Dollar rate changes but your mindset of giving should not change and giving should be giving and not photo opportunities).

He was telling about Aum's gesture of donating his first income to his classmate Mohan Hukerikar on his birthday on 2nd October and Mohan said he will give to 3 causes and NGOs can be decided by founder..

(Founder must admit that he attended less lectures in college and he was in sports room and Mohan was his opponent when they played carrom (When two players play carrom, they are opponents or competitors and this in no way means they are opponents in life. Its a game and competition must be seen as motivation).

Mohan attended lectures and used tp play carrom and table tennis after lectures and out of 9 pieces (songatya) on carrom board, he used to take 6 or 7 at one stretch.

Now Mohan stays in London and said even during lockdown period friends came at different times and donated to his Ganapati and he will give this and more for Girl's Education , Junior artists affected by Covid and Disabled care.
And he donated the amount.

Of course founder has decided two things.
1) Dont mention the exact amount of donation because people should not feel that someone donated more than them.
The thought of donation and its implementation of giving is more important.
But he make four types here.
Individuals who pay Rs 10000/- to Rs 49999.99/- (USD 150 to USD 724)
Individuals who pay Rs 50000/- or more.(USD 725 or more)
Corporates who pay Rs 50 000/- to Rs 99999.99 (USD 750 to USD 1499)
Corporates who pay Rs 100 000/- or more (USD 1500 or more)

2) Founder knows that someone can just afford to give Rs 100/- or USD 10. He is more than happy to disburese 100% of it to Thane because the thought of giving is far more important than the amount.
Poor can not give more money and with this Covid19 pandemic everyone is concerned about their security first and invest money in that. But because he doesnt want toooooooo much space occupied, he is restricting to Rs 10000/- or USD 150.

CSRidentity.com knows that most of you are not financial billionaires who have taken Giving Pledge donating large amount of money they earned or inheritaged to communities, climate, nation ....
We initially thought that YOUR LIFE WILL BE A WASTE, if you do not give 2.3% of your self earned money.
But after calculations and challenges human face plus the very human nature, we know it will be tooooooo much money for many.

But if you cant donate 0.00775% of your wealth to community, then according to us, your life is a waste

(0.00775% is not just any figure. It is the percentage of usable fresh water on earth. Now dont ask us what is 0.00775% )

All of us live with people around us, in a particular country which is an integral part of this world.
If we cant do something for them, then the purpose of life has a big hole.
If there is a BIG hole in one's heart, then one does medical surgery.
We are saying, you do non medical surgery of your thought process if you cant give 0.00775% of your time on earth.

Now lets calculate for your information.
1 year = 365 days and each day is 24 hours, so 1 year has 8760 hours
If we say 60 years of life, then 60 x 8760 which is 525600 hours.
Now 0.00775% of 525600 hours is 4073.4 hours

If 1 year is 365 x 24 = 8760 hours, then when we say 4073.4 hours, it is 4073.4 divided by 8760 which is 46.5 % of 1 year.
Now that is tooooooooooo much for a person who does only volunteering because she / he need to take rest, eat ....

Now lets do calculation with 0.465 % not 46.5%.
This means 0.00465% of 1 year which is 40.734 hours
Again 40.734 hours is toooooooo much for most of the working community.

Now lets calculate again.
If a person does volunteering between 40 to 60 years which means 20 years,
4073.4 hours of total volunteering time in 20 years means it is 203.67 hous per year
This is not even 1 hour per day for 20 years. (1 years is 365 days so 1 hour per day is 365 hours which is more than 203.67 hours)
Again thats tooooooooooo much.

So lets do reverse calculation.
If one does 2 hours of volunteering per year for 20 years, it is 40 hours.
Now 40 hours divided by 525600 hours (60 years x 365 days = 21900 days x 24 hours = 525600 hours) is 0.007610350
Now 0 .00775 which is percentage of usable fresh water on earth and 0.007610350 are close to each other.


Everyone has Unique Identity.
We were digitial since 1999. We started portals on Thane & India.
But founder had an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013
When most people think to help themself & their families, founder thinks this new life is gives him time to help known & unknowns across the world.
He increased the canvas of work from Thane & India to all the countries.

Everyone says charity begins at home. We think charity begins with self.
So we plan to make Thane a Brand Thane which helps world.
We plan Brand Thane as Knowledge Centre Brand where we share knowledge.
Knowledge of any individual & organisation is just like a few drops in Ocean of Knowledge. We are Integrators of Knowledge & plan to make following for Thane.

City of retail donations (may be a district of retail donation)
Blood donation
City of online and offline world maps (may be a district of retail donation)
Digital library place and maybe a physical library place.
A Digital Centre which helps NGOs in all countries
And taking care of climate in all the methodologies

Money is required for development.
But human efforts first because they use the money.

Thane is our global example of development.
And we are also show how retail donations can be global example.
So we are using both the above in Thane.

Thane is unique.
It was the largest district in India on 28.8.2013 but was divided into two districts.
Still it is quite large.
Thane has rich, middle class, poor and below the poverty line people.
Thane has people who work in industries, agriculture, transportation, textile ..
Thane people from various religions ...

so whether it is for education or disabled or livelihood or water or climate change or skill development ... Thane welcomes your contributions.

CSRidentity.com will not take any comission for any donation in Thane because while we treat universe as our home, we should take care of our sustainability and financially and treat Thane as home. We have not seen an Indian father taking money from child for the fees that the father paid. Of course when the child becomes an adult and starts earning, she or he is officially expected to pay for electricity or ration or anything they use for themself and their family. It is quite foolish to expect your father who is above 60 to pay for your lights or ration (Infact you should take care of your father and mother).

We will share needs of Thane soon.

Everyone is worried about future.
Unfortunately some of the artists are worried about their present.
Stars have earned enough to survive for more than a year or two without income.
From electrician to caterer and plumber to cement workers everyone is the part of the industry. There is huge number of second grade of artists and even the last grade called junior artists. You must have seen them dancing and walking around heroes and heroines. Sadly, they are the ones who are affected the most.
Some may have committed or are on the verge of suicide.
Some have survived by selling vegetables and fishes on the streets.
Rests are waiting for a miracle to happen.
Just imagine a person who has spent his life’s 30 years as an actor now trying to repair your fridge or mixer which is far away from his capabilities.
You can help people who are part of the entertainment industry.
Your timely aid would probably be life saving for many.