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Rohan Rohini Sanjay Bapat is our integration teacher (24 hours)

We work on all the 365 days.
One of the key reasons which changed our vision of universal development is Rohan.

Rohan, one of the two sons of founder of CSRidentity.com, helped us think that universal development will only happen if we value & take care of disabled citizens. We call them differently abled citizens but we cant change the thinking of the world in a minute or year or decade ... We realised that having a disability places you in the world's largest minority group.

Rohan, the elder son of our founder, helped us in our thinking that money is just one thing that helps one's sustainability. The most important thing we all possess is mind.

We must remember that any one can be disabled anytime in her / his life.
The reasons can be many, like birth defects or accident or diesases like Alzheimers.

Currently around 10 per cent of the total world's population, (the world population is 8 billion+ or 8000 million+, so we are talking about 80 million+ specially challenged - most in this world calls it as disabled), live with a disability.

In most of the OECD countries, females have higher rates of disability than males. Eighty per cent of persons with disabilities live in developing countries, according to the UN Development Program (UNDP). The World Bank estimates that 20 per cent of the world's poorest people have some kind of disability.

In Medical terms, Rohan faces sensory integration and after the almost fatal accident of Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat, founder, we realised again that all of us need to look at differently abled (disabled) in a positive mindset. Our vision can never be achieved if citizens treat Rohan & similar citizens negatively.

We are grateful to a Foundation to take Rohan in their hostel on the day of the almost fatal accident, 28.08.2013. Now Rohan can stay at home but we realised the value of credible hostel is much beyond staying. It helps these world citizens in a positive manner, something we cant do at home because our love for our children comes as an obstacle in goodness of citizens like him. Also, the fact is that a disabled person is treated like a citizen in a hostel with key disciplines and that citizen enjoys the company of similar citizens.

We must say that Rohan is a 24 hours teacher of Integration.

Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat, founder, thought that his second son, Aum, should take CSRidentity.com & DevelopedNation.org much further & deeper because we are much more than just a site; it is a continuous process which converts thinking into a site.

So Aum was just in 8th standard when he was taken to Vienna, Austria to take a view of the status of citizens in this world.
For almost 3 days, he attended the Global social business summit and he met Prof. Muhammad Yunus, father of microcredit, initiator of social business & Nobel Prize winner.

He also was taken to Seoul when he was in 9th standard when founder went to Global compact meeting there.
There was earthquake when they arrived.
So Aum drew pictures. Yes, instead of just photographs, he drew pictures.

Founder thought he can be a good painter who can help society with related drawings.

But Aum wanted to practice as a doctor.
Aum was not taken to Japan because he was in 10th standard then, and 10th standard is key in India.

Many in this world follow what they get.
So business, politics, films .... whatever is your field, you want your next generation to take over from you.
But founder did not do so.

How many children of scientists or olympic winners ... become scientist or olympic winners.

So founder
Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat thought that he can only guide Aum but it is his life, he must take decisions.
Every individual has her / his own WILL.

Aum was keen to study medicine and after the almost fatal accident of founder, his father, Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat, he confirmed his education will be in the field of medicine.

On 01.09.2015, he became a student of medicine.
He thought his MS will be in neurosurgery after his meeting with Dr Harshad Purandare.
hen he met Atul Vaze who said that Liver and Kidney are two parts which can be easily transplantated and there are lot of people who need it.
Aum is also thinking Radiology as post graduate study.
Dr Harshad Purandare
told him to think more than one specialisation area because no one knows whether a student will get admission in any one specialised area.

In 2020, Aum cleared his MBBS (4.5 years course) and came out 2nd in his college.
What is good is even during exam period he played football.
He has started his one year internship.

Because of Covid19 challenges, Aum was asked to serve Covid19 patients for a week.
It is great learning opportunity.
Founder would have loved to help Covid19 patients directly but because of his accident, he was told not to go out.
What is more satisfying is his thoughts.

What has Rohan's Sensory integration to do with our work

If some good organisation in Eswatini works on HIV / AIDS, what has it got to do with 99.99% of citizens in this world because they will neither go to Eswatini or has a colleague, relative, friend there ? (Eswatini, a small, landlocked country in southern Africa, has the highest HIV prevalence in the world, with 27.3% of adults living with HIV. In 2018, 7,800 adults were newly infected with HIV and 2,800 people died of an AIDS-related illness)..

I think they are right and wrong.
First they are not legal citizens of Eswatini, and themself, their family, their circle of relatives, friends, colleagues and country has many challenges or issues, so going beyond that is not they should do. So they are right.
Second, they are born in a country which is not Eswatini. But which country or which parent you are born is not something which you or anyone decides. It never was your decision. But being someone who reads this means, you are grownup to understand. Remember, you are a global citizens because what happens in a country far away from you , affects you also. More than climate change, Corona or Covid19 is an example. So what happens in any country in the world, affects some people in the world, of which you are citizen. Now someone is Ewatini is not your blood relative is not something which decided before birth. In humanity, there are males, females and transgenders. So think that everyone is this world is related to you - not blood relative but human relative. So you are WRONG to neglect the situation in Eswatini.

You are right because like a corporate which manufactures mobiles, can not manufacture every product on earth. It has a focus of work. So your focus of help can be your country or an issue like cancer in any country. But that is your focus of thinking.

But again, do you think that a Golf player thinks and plays Golf 24 hours every day with no holiday. NO. She or he eats, does exercise, meets family or friends ... watches movies, looks at mobile messages ... so they spend time beyond Golf. But they invest time in Golf.
Rest in relaxation or something beyond their focus. So if you think challenges in any country in this world, you are thinking what challenges your family (not blood relatives but world family) members face.

What Rohan is teaching us integration.
What you hands do must be integrated with legs, what your brain decides must have integration with your eyes, hands, legs, stomach ....
It does not mean that hands should replace legs or brain. Its doing it together.

So what we are doing is integrating the challenges millions face and what individuals and organisations across from different country in this world are doing to address challenges.

It is sensible integration and not thinking without any sense.
And we cant go to Eswatini to decide the credibility of the NGO which helps government address the challenges people their face. So we share NGOs in every country but in the issue of HIV share only those NGOs which are supported by large corporates or foundations or funding agencies or philanthropists. We might be wrong but we just share links so that you can take a right decision. Again people brand everything right from the goddess or god they choose or companies to products or ... so we have taken a decision to Brand NGOs by name and not by country like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet is known, we want Helpage, Pratham ... to be known as NGO Brands.

So this thinking is thanks to the teaching we receive from Rohan of integration.

Another simple example.
Think of a lady who is a good cook and the vegetable she makes are great to eat.
Does she make vegetables. No. Farmers make it.
Does she make water she uses. No. Nature gives water.
Does she make stove or gasstove or hotplate. No. It is made by others.
Does she make sugar or salt. No. Somebody else makes it.
What she does is integration of all in right formula (corporate style word) and makes a great vegetable.
Some thousand individuals and corporates, patent products they produce.
Our mothers dont patent the food they make. Its great food. But no patent.

So CSRidentity.com is integration of your work.
And we give credit to you. Because we name you and provide just the link.

But investors think its just data.
We should add somethin which is our own speciality.
We dont think that besides integration of millions in various country in this life we can do anything else. We cant be a good doctor, good lawyer, good company, good hospital, good food, good cook, good gymnasim .... we want to be good integrators.

Yes, but corporates still ask tell me which good NGO we should partner with in Kenya or which corporate we should partner for cancer in Australia ... we do that as consultancy.
But we know that we cant answer thousands of assignments at the same time.
So we share good online and you to pick up. Its free.
Now people think anything free is not used properly.
You charge and then people will be attentive.

Yes and no.
Yes, because humans have damaged air so much that many live in pollution driven world.
We hope they dont live with ventilators like they live with masks since 2020-21.
If they want ventilators, we will tell them ventilator makers in their country.
No. You dont pay air. You take it in when you breathe. Does nature charge you?

So we think information is not chargeable.
But again, schools, colleges charge you fees. They charge because they give Knowledge.
We think we give knowledge. But knowledge of millions of others.

We dont want to charge you for what Newton did or Einstein did.
Yes, having invested time in advertising and PR, we know Brands would like to get associated with great discoveries, great scientists, companies in their country or NGOs in their country or funding agencies or PR agencies or CSR of Fortune 500 companies .....
We will just give them opportunities.
If brands dont pick up these opportunities which we think are great, then we are wrong.
We dont say they are wrong because we will say we did not tell them or persuade them what is right and at what cost.


Aum, Best of tough luck, Stock exchange, Climate change
Aum decided to donate 100% of his first internship income to a hospital in Thane which served Covid19 patients.

First income is first income and people think they must show first cheque to Allah, God, Jezus ... and they should enjoy some of the money they get.

How many people in this world have donated their first income to someone unknown, unseen ? 100% first income for donation to someone who serves others is great and makes parents proud.

What makes founder more satisfied is that fact that in this world of Selfies, Aum doesnt want his photograph of giving cheque.
"Its not donation, its my responsibility".
This thnking gives great feeling to parents, friends of parents, Aum's friends ......

Founder will be very happy if Dr Harshad Purandare or any great doctor like him comes out with brain transplant surgery and Aum takes that as his field.
Founder will be extremely happy if after completition of 75 years, his brain is transplanted to Rohan, of course only if it is legal and his and Rohan's medical conditions permit.


No, its not personal.

Founder thinks that someone must do what millions of people need and it doesnt need any transplantation. The disease (we are perhaps few who call it disease) is called as mental corruption and in every country you will find citizens who suffer from this so called disease (rich & poor, urban & rural) . The only issue is that there will be no patients. Millions of patients is only paper stats . Nobody wants medicine for greed.
If there is medicine which increases your greed, there will be a queue of people for buying it.

Only spiritual medicine helps (and not medicine given by a medical doctor which we get in a chemist shop or in hospitals).

After 28.08.2013, Sanjay decided to focus of promoting stakeholders (not for profits, for profits, celebrities....) working & helping for universal development.
Of course he knows that it costs to share technical inputs, do research to develop the site and mainly promote the site globally. He can only share his time.
And he knows that NGOs, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities would like the world to know them (and he believes that with technology, world will be an IT global village faster than Non IT ways of making the world a village)

Sanjay feels that citizens dont like the number 13 but dont we breathe on 13th day of the month or 13th second of a minute or 13th year of life .... or if one gets 100% marks (100 comes after 13)... So please dont be myopic and think number 3 and 13 are bad. Afterall one must understand that in Olympics there are 3 medals in each sports category (Gold, Silver & Bronze) not 1, so 1 gold medal but 3 medals). His wife is born on 13th day of October, so 13 is his partner.

We know that everyone needs money for treating hunger (not greed; infact there is no money which is enough for greedy humans), and taking care of the health of the family.
So now Rohini, wife of founder takes care of our financial & health sustainability (She was anyway doing that since 1989).

Are we getting personal ?
We thought we are getting too personal but we know that we must start universal development from ourselves and our home.
Yes, Charity starts from home. But before that, you as individual must have charitable behaviour, then comes your family.
And founder thinks Universe is his home. (Not legally but thoughtwise)

We started a forum on Parents because parents can be personal parents in physical terms but Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat thinks his parents were parents of universe.
His mother Aai, was indirectly responsible to teach him Value Education when he was in KG.
And this is not financial value education but thinking of Values of life.
His father Bhau, was simple and had great courge to take decisions on his family matters.
For Bhau, truth was always more important than blood relations.

We know that Rohan is just one of the 10% citizens in this world who lives with disability.
So Rohan is one of the key reasons why we work on all days (dont we breathe everyday whether it is weekday, Saturday, Sunday, Religious day, Independence day?
For us work is like respiration. It is profession. It is hobby. It is responsibility).

We know that one life can never change this world.
But if each citizen invests at least 2.3% of her / his time & money for universal development, it can happen faster.
And one must set self behaviour as an example.

See Bhau, a world citizen who was 82 years and had the courage to take founder to the hospital & he helped founder's family on 28.08.2013 (Of course before, on and after)
We will be happy if all citizens (including the agewise senior citizens) replicate Bhau (modify, if situation needs) .

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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.