Birthday philanthropists

Billionaires plus
Bill & Melinda Gates with Warren Buffet started "Giving Pledge", a movement of philanthropists who commit to give the majority of their wealth to charitable causes, either during their lifetimes or in their wills.

As of June 2022, there are 236 pledges from 28 countries.

Millionaires plus
LivingMyPromise started by Venkat Krishnan is a community of like-minded Indians who believe in giving back to society. It invites advantaged people to commit to giving 50% or more of their wealth to philanthropic causes either during their lifetime or in their will.

Billions of people
Founder thinks not more than few million people are billionaires or Millionaires in money terms. But giving Rs 10/- a day (Rs 3650/- per year) or USD 50 a year (even once in lifetime) is not something which is far difficult. So he starts a movement to invite people to donate the earlier said amount to charities (NGOs) in India from 8.8.2022 when he completes 60 years of his existance on earth.

Sanjay Kumud Moreswhar Bapat, founder, has started donating Rs 3650/- in 2018 on birthdays of His parents (Aai & Bhau), His wife : Rohini, Elder son : Rohan (Who has disability of sensory integration and is founder's teacher on integration) , Younger son : Aum (He is a medical doctor), His birthday and 28th August (day on which Bhau & others postponed his death).

He plans to donate Rs 100 000/- on his 60 years existance on earth on 8.8.22 to 4 charities. One each managed by Christain, Hindu & Muslim and 4th one is to Paradhi Samaj (Life is their religion)

CSRidentity.com knows that people can give small amounts easily if they know NGOs which can make impact of donations given to them. India is our global example country and 15th August 2022 is 75th year of India's independence.

So while we plan to share 100000 NGO Brands from 150 countries by 28.8.2023, we need to change the coverage scale of NGOs in Developed Nation Network Trust because as of now it is only India coverage (We will do it by 31.3.2023).

So DNNT can give to NGOs in India as of now (and yes, donations can be from any country on earth, we have FCRA). And within India, Thane is our global example location of development and the issues we have selected in Thane are Blood donation, Disabled, Education, Health, Income opportunities for tribals, Orphanages, Tree plantation, Water and we may add 2 to 3 more issues. So if you want to make Thane as an example of blood donation, then we are happy to suggest NGOs either located in Thane or have programmes in Thane.

How we will cover NGO Brands ?
We plan to share 100 000 NGO Brands supported by corporates, foundations, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities as well as those whose trustees are experienced in corporates or funding agencies or those started by founders who got fellowship like Ashoka or organisations which gives fellowships in minimum 25 countries. We will have them from 150 countries by 31.3.2024 and if the response is good , then we may increase it to 200000 NGO Brands, And yes, give them directly. We are happy if development happens without us.

How can we survive ?
We have other digital means to get income for global promotion.
Founder's death was postponed on 28.8.2013 because he has not served Mother Earth enough, so
he knows instead of actually working, promoting those who address social, climate & health challenges in different countries is better because it is not only faster but has a reach out across the world and also it serves the larger purpose of being climate positive person..

Founder will start approaching corporate HR teams to give 2 hours official leave to employees so that they can use that time to donate blood or talent or time.

Preponement or postponement is OK
And if you have missed giving on your birthday, you can give it anyday in memory of your birthday. (Understand that memories are self memories and not necessarily your loved ones who left earth). Or you can prepone your birthday like founder preponed blood donation (he wanted to donate blood on his birthday (8th August) but blood bank said on 15th August many donate blood because it is independence day in India, so donate blood earlier. And blood need is important, so he preponed blood donation)

You must think that you have got birth from parents for a larger purpose than just living & leaving life . So the idea is give.

How we will cover Birthday philanthropists
Name & surname (Name of mother, name of father), country, NGO Name
In case of married women, we share their birth name first and then their current name like
Rohini Dev (Mother : Jayashtree, Father : Madhav), India, NGO : ................
Rohini Bapat (Husband : Sanjay), India.
We share country name again because many Indian girls would be staying in other countries after marriage and in case of NRIs, we mention the country they are born (they may be Indian citizens but born in USA or Pakistan or Japan or china .. so we mention the country of their birth and yes, we depend on the info giver for facts and if anyone has to put a legal case, then it is to the source and not us because our idea is helping NGOs and the medium is Birthday Philanthropist)

We share them in alphabetical order.
So Dr Harshad Purandare will be in H and not D for Doctor because he was not Doctor at birth. And scholl mates know him by his first name and then surname (Though he is much younger than the founder, we do not dare to call him by his first name. That is his brand power). Same with Dr Vikas Mhaskar. It will come in V (He is cousin of founder is older by age, but founder doesnt dare to call him by name, he calls him Vikasdada)

Each one can only be Birthday Philanthropist if they donate Rs 3650/- of USD 50/- and this includes founder, his wife, his son but excludes Dr Harshad Purandare and Dr Vikas Mhaskar.

We are thinking of how to cover speically abled (in common language disabled) citizens staying in hostel because they do not earn outside and decision will be taken by 28.8.2022. Similarly children (girls & boys) in Anathashram or Senior Citizens in hostels.

If one doesnt want to share names of parents
We will not accept donations because they are born from parents.
Only in case of adopted citizens, their adopted parent's name
In case of citizens with single parent or born to prostitutes, they can share single name
In case of Transgenders, parent name is compulsory because they are born of parents

If you do not like your parents or hate your parents
We will not accept donations because they are born from parents and a new born doesnt know whether to love parents or hate parents.
Of course, we respect decision of citizens across the world who do not want to put their parents name and they can have other options like Retail donors