Scientists : Discoveries

Discovery : Centrigrade Scale

A. L. And J. L. Lumiere
Discovery : Cenema

A. Parker
Discovery : Celluloid

A.L. Breguet
Discovery : Watch

Adolph Rickenbacker
Discovery : Electric Guitar

Alessandro Volta
Discovery : Electric Battery

Alexander Fleming
Discovery : Penicillin

Discovery : Radio Transmitter

Alfred B. Nobel
Discovery : Dynamite

Alfred Binet
Discovery : I . Q . Test

Alfred Kinsey
Discovery : Human Sexuality

Alfred Wegener
Discovery : Continental Drift

Discovery : South Pole

Discovery : Positive Electrons

Andreas Vesalius
Discovery : New Anatomy

Andre-Marie Ampere
Discovery : Galvanometer

Antoine Joseph Sax
Discovery : Saxophone

Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
Discovery : Revolution In Chemistry

Discovery : Principle For Lever ( S . P . Gravity ),
Specific Gravity

Discovery : Archimedean Screw

Arthur Eddington
Discovery : Modern Astronomy

Attraction Coulomb
Discovery : Fundamental Laws Of Electric

August Kekule
Discovery : Chemical Structure

Discovery : Avogadro ’s Hypothesis

B. F. Goodrich
Discovery : Zipper

B. F. Skinner
Discovery : Behaviorism

Bacillus Robert Koch
Discovery : Cholera

Discovery : Television

Bardeen, Shockley, Brattain
Discovery : Transistor

Belle Elion
Discovery : Pharmacology Gertrude

Benjamin Franklin
Discovery : Bifocal Lens

Benjamin Franklin
Discovery : Lightning Conductor

Discovery : Steel Melting Process

Discovery : Intelligence Test

Bohr And Rutherford
Discovery : Atomic Structure

Discovery : Boyle’s Law

Discovery : Printing For The Blind

Braun, Dr.Wernher Von
Discovery : Space Flying

Discovery : Helicopter

Discovery : Spectroscope

C. F. Brush
Discovery : Arc Lamp

C. Gillette
Discovery : Safety Razor King

C. Hugyens
Discovery : Clock (Pendulum)

C. Sholes
Discovery : Typewriter

Discovery : Crystal Dynamics

Discovery : Raman Effect

Carl Gauss(Karl Friedrich Gauss)
Discovery : Mathematical Genius

Carl Linnaeus
Discovery : Binomial Nomenclature

Carlton Mcgee
Discovery : Parking Meter

Discovery : Powerloom

Casimir Funk
Discovery : Vitamin B1

Discovery : Rare Gas

Discovery : Hydrogen

Discovery : Neutron

Discovery : Mathematical Astro Physics

Charles Babbage
Discovery : Computer

Charles Babbage
Discovery : Difference Engine

Charles Darwin
Discovery : Evolution

Charles Darwin
Discoveries : Evolution (Theory), Origin Of Species

Charles Goodyear
Discoveries : Vulcanised Rubber

Charles Lyell
Discovery : Modern Geology

Charles Macintosh
Discoveries : Raincoat , Waterproof Rubber

Charles Sherrington
Discovery : Neurophysiology

Chester Carlson
Discovery : Zerox Machine

Christiaan Huygens
Discovery : Wave Theory Of Light

Christian Barnard
Discovery : Replacing Human Heart

Christopher Cockerell
Discovery : Hovercraft

Claude Bernard
Discovery : Founding Of Modern Physiology

Claude Levi-Strauss
Discovery : Structural Anthropology

Col. J. Schick
Discovery : Razor (Electric)

Discovery : West Indies

Conrad Elvehjem
Discovery : Vitamin Niacin

Discovery : Solar System

Crystallography Max Von Laue
Discovery : X-Ray

D. T. Smith, E. G. Hendrick
Discovery : Vitamin B2

Discovery : Automobile

Discovery : Atomic Theory

Discovery : Laws Of Multiple Proportion

Discoveries : Laws Of Natural Selections, Theory Of Evolution

Discovery : Photograph

David Brewster
Discovery : Kaleidoscope

David Bushnell
Discovery : Submarine

Discoveries : Liquid Oxygen, Thermos Flasks

Dmitri Mendeleev
Discovery : Periodic Table Of Elements

Discovery : Sulpha Drugs

Dr. A.H. Taylor And L.C. Young
Discovery : Radar

Dr. Alan M. Turing
Discovery : Electronic (Computer)

Dr. Lee De Forest
Discovery : Film (With Sound)

Dr. Richard Gatling
Discovery : Machine Gun

Dr. Wallace H. Carothers
Discovery : Nylon

Dr. William Stokes, Rene Laennec
Discovery : Stethoscope

Dr.Hargobind Khorana
Discovery : Deciphering The Genetic Code

Dr.Paul Muller
Discovery : D.D.T.

Dr.Philip Drinker
Discovery : Drinker’s Chamber Of Iron Lung

Dr.Sigmund Freud
Discovery : Psycho-Analysis

Duality Louis Victor De Broglie
Discovery : Wave/Particle

Dye Perkin
Discovery : Mauve

E.G. Otis
Discovery : Lift

Discoveries : Incandescent Bulb, Phonograph

Edmund Cartwright
Discovery : Power Loom

Edward Jenner
Discovery : Vaccination

Edward Mellanby
Discovery : Vitamin D

Edward O. Wilson
Discovery : Sociobiology

Edward Teller
Discovery : Bomb

Edwin Hubble
Discovery : Modern Telescope

Discovery : Beriberi

Discovery : Theory Of Relativity

Elisha G. Otis
Discovery : Elevator

Elmer V. Mccollum
Discovery : Vitamin B

Elmer V. Mccollum & M. Davis
Discovery : Vitamin A

Emil Fischer
Discovery : Organic Chemistry

Engine Otto
Discovery : Internal Combustion

Enrico Fermi
Discovery : Atomic Physics

Ernest Rutherford
Discovery : Structure Of The Atom

Ernst Haeckel
Discovery : Biogenetic Principle

Erwin Schrodinger
Discovery : Wave Mechanics

Discoveries : Foundations Of Mathematics, Geometry

Evangelista Torricelli
Discovery : Barometer

Discovery : Insulin

Discoveries : Fahrenheit Scale, Mercury Thermometer

Discoveries : Electricity, Induction Of Electric Current, Law Of Electrolysis

Field James Clerk Maxwell
Discovery : Electromagnetic

Francis Crick
Discovery : Molecular Biology

Francis Galton
Discovery : Eugenics

Frank Whittle
Discovery : Jet Propulsion

Franz Boas
Discovery : Modern Anthropology

Frederick Sanger
Discovery : Genetic Code

Discovery : Cine Camera

Discovery : Steam Boat

G. Bradshaw
Discovery : Scooter

G. Claude
Discovery : Neon-Lamp

G. Ferdinand Von Zeppelin
Discovery : Airship (Rigid)

G. Marconi
Discovery : Radio

Discoveries : Telescope, New Science, Thermometer

Discovery : Electric Measurement

Gay Lussac
Discovery : Law Of Gases

George Eastman
Discovery : Camera

George Gaylord Simpson
Discovery : Tempo Of Evolution

George Westinghouse
Discovery : Air Brake

Gottlieb Daimler
Discovery : Carburetor

Great Head
Discovery : Life Boat Henry

Gustav Kirchhoff
Discovery : Spectroscopy

Discovery : Deuterium (Heavy Water)

H.W. Seeley
Discovery : Electric Iron

Discovery : Sextant

Discovery : Homoeopathy

Hans Bethe
Discovery : Energy Of The Sun

Hans Selye
Discovery : Stress Concept

Harry Brearley
Discovery : Stainless Steel

Discovery : Blood Circulation

Heike Kamerlingh
Discovery : Superconductivity

Discovery : Electrical Waves

Henry Becquerel
Discovery : Radio-Activity Of Uranium

Henry Bessemer
Discovery : Steel Production

Herbert Evans & Katherine Bishop
Discovery : Vitamin E

Hermann Fottinger
Discovery : Automatic Gearbox

Hermann Von Helmholtz
Discovery : Rise Of German Science

Herschel William
Discovery : Uranus (Planet)

Discovery : Scientific Astronomy

Discovery : Aniline Dyes

Hopkins And Funk
Discovery : Vitamins

Hsing And Ling-Tsan
Discovery : Clock (Machanical)

Iron H. W. Seeley
Discovery : Electric Flat

Isaac Newton
Discovery : Newtonian Revolution

J. B. Dunlop
Discovery : Bicycle Tyre

J. Froelich
Discovery : Tractor

J Robert Oppenheimer
Not discoverer but is often known as the father of atomic bomb

J. Whinfield And H. Dickson
Discovery : Terylene

J.C. Perier
Discovery : Ship (Steam)

Jagdish Chandra Bose
Discovery : Crescograph

J.E. Lurdstrom
Discovery : Match (Safety)

Discovery : Electrons

Jacob Schick
Discovery : Electric Razor

Jacques And Joseph Montgolfier
Discovery : Balloon

James Hargreaves
Discovery : Spinning Jenny

James Harrison & James Young Simpson
Discovery : Chloroform

James Harrison, Alexander Catlin
Discovery : Refrigerator

James Lind
Discovery : Vitamin C

James Prescoft
Discovery : Measurement Of Electrical Energy Joule

James Watson
Discovery : Structure Of DNA

James Watt
Discovery : Steam Engine

James Watt
Discovery : Steam Engine (Condenser)

Jean Baptiste Lamarck
Discovery : Foundations Of Biology

Jean Piaget
Discovery : Child Development

Johann Phillip Reis, Alexander Graham Bell, Elisha Gray, Amos E. Dolbear, And Thomas Edison
Discovery : Microphone

Johann Vaaler
Discovery : Paper Clip

Johannes Gutenberg
Discovery : Printing Press

Johannes Kepler
Discovery : Motion Of The Planets

John Boyd Dunlop
Discovery : Pneumatic Tyres

John Dalton
Discovery : Theory Of The Atom

John Harrison
Discovery : Chronometer

John J. Loud
Discovery : Ball-Point Pen

John Logie Baird
Discovery : Television (Mechanical)

John Napier
Discoveries : Logarithmic Tables, Logarithms

John Von Neumann
Discovery : Modern Computer

Joseph Aspdin
Discovery : Cement

Joseph J. Thomson
Discovery : Electron

Lord Joseph Lister
Discovery : Antiseptic Surgery

Discovery : Mechanical Equivalent Of Heat

K.G. Gillete
Discovery : Raazor (Safety)

Karl Benz
Discovery : Automobiles Using Gasoline

Karl Benz
Discovery : Gasoline Engine

Karl Butler
Discovery : Motor Car (Petrol)

Karl Landsteiner
Discovery : Blood Groups

Kirkpatrick Macmillan
Discovery : Bicycle

Discovery : Film & Photographic Goods

Konrad Lorenz
Discovery : Ethology

Discovery : Washing Soda

Discovery : Cyclotron

Discovery : Talkies

Leo H Baekeland
Discovery : Bakelite

Levi Strauss
Discovery : Jeans

Lewis E. Waterman
Discovery : Fountain Pen

Discovery : Coloured Photography

Llly Brandt
Discovery : T.N.T.

Discovery : Helium Gas

Lord Kelvin
Discovery : Dynamical Theory Of Heat

Louis Braille
Discovery : Braille

Louis Pasteur
Discoveries : Germ Theory Of Disease, Hydrophobia, Rabies Vaccine

Discovery : Scientific Thinking

Lucy Wills
Discovery : Vitamin Folic Acid

Ludwig Boltzmann
Discovery : Thermodynamics

Lynn Margulis
Discovery : Symbiosis Theory

Madame Curie
Discoveries : Radium, Radioactivity

Discovery : Laws Of Heredity Gregory

Marcello Malpighi
Discovery : Microscopic Anatomy

Discovery : Wireless Telegraphy

Maria Montessori
Discovery : Montessori Method

Max Born
Discovery : Quantum Mechanics

Max Delbruck
Discovery : Bacteriophage

Max Planck
Discoveries : Quanta, Quantum Theory

Meghnad Saha
Discovery : Effect Of Pressure On Trough Bodies

Discovery : Laws Of Inheritance Gregor

Discovery : Periodic Law

Discovery : Linotype

Michael Faraday
Discoveries : Classical Field Theory, Dynamo, Electric Generator, Transformer

Discovery : Atomic Number

Motion Kepler
Discovery : Laws Of Planetary

Murray Gell-Mann
Discovery : Eightfold Way

Discovery : Phototherapy

Neils Bohr
Discovery : Atom

Discoveries : Laws Of Gravitation, Laws Of Motion

Nicolaus Copernicus
Discovery : Heliocentric Universe

Nikola Tesla
Discovery : Electric Motor (AC)

Discovery : Laws Of Electrical Resistance

Oho Hahn
Discovery : Uranium Fusion

Oliver Lodge
Discovery : Wireless Communication

Discovery : Lift (Elevators)

Otto Hahn, Bohr And Fermi
Discovery : Nuclear Fission

Otto Von Guericke
Discovery : Air Pump

Discovery : Steam Turbine

Discoveries : Adding Machine, Calculating Machine

Paul Ehrlich
Discovery : Chemotherapy

Paul Gyorgy
Discovery : Vitamin B6

Discovery : Theory Of Conditioned Reflex

Peter Goldmark
Discovery : The Long Playing Microgroove Record

Pierre Simon De Laplace
Discovery : Newtonian Mechanics

Plastic Carothers
Discovery : Nylon

Discovery : Line Of Demarcation (Ship)

Discoveries : Laughing Gas, Oxygen

R. A. Millikan
Discovery : Cosmic Rays

Discovery : Molecular Scattering Of Light In Fluid

Discovery : In Number Theory

Ramsay Travers
Discovery : Neon Gas

Richard Feynman
Discovery : Quantum Electrodynamics

Richard Trevithick
Discovery : Locomotive

Robert Koch
Discovery : Bacteriology

Robert Peary
Discovery : North Pole

Robert Recorde
Discovery : Equal Sign (=)

Robert Wilhelm Von Bunsen
Discovery : Laboratory Gas Burner

Roberts Mallet
Discovery : Seismograph

Discovery : X - Rays

Rogei Bacon
Discovery : Gun Powder

Rohm Korff
Discovery : Induction Coil

Ronald Ross
Discovery : Malarial Parasite

Rudolf Diesel
Discovery : Diesel Engine

Rudolf Virchow
Discovery : Cell Doctrine

Discovery : Breaking Up The Nucleus Of An Atom

S. N. Bose
Discovery : Boson

Discovery : Salk Vaccine

Samuel Colt
Discovery : Revolver

Samuel Morse
Discovery : Telegraph

Samuel Morse
Discovery : Telegraphic Code

Discovery : Paints

Sigmund Freud
Discovery : Psychology Of The Unconscious

Sir Alexander Graham Bell
Discovery : Telephone

Sir Charles Parsons
Discovery : Ship (Turbine)

Sir Ernest Swington
Discovery : Tank

Sir Frank Whittle
Discovery : Jet Engine

Sir George Caley
Discovery : Glider

Sir Humphrey Davy
Discovery : Safety Lamp

Sir Isaac Pitman
Discovery : Shorthand

Sir J.A. Fleming
Discovery : Valve Of Radio

Sir Richard Arkwight
Discovery : Spinning Frame

Stephen Hawking
Discovery : Quantum Cosmology

Discovery : Railway Engine

Theodosius Dobzhansky
Discovery : Modern Synthesis

Theory Bohr
Discovery : Electron

Theory Ernst Mayr
Discovery : Evolutionary

Theory Maxwell
Discovery : Electromagnetic

Thomas Hunt Morgan
Discovery : Theory Of Heredity Chromosomal

Thomas Alva Edison
Discoveries : Cinematograph, Cinematography, Electric Lamp, Gramophone, Movie Projector

Thomas Newcome
Discovery : Steam Engine (Piston)

Thomas Saint
Discovery : Sewing Machine

Tim Berners Lee
Discovery : World Wide Web And Hypertext Markup Language

Trofim Lysenko
Discovery : Soviet Genetics

Tycho Brahe
Discovery : New Astronomy

Discovery : Kala-Azar Fever

Discovery : Heavy Hydrogen

Discovery : Bismuth

Viscose Co.
Discovery : Rayon American

W. L. Judson
Discovery : Zip Fastener

W.H. Fox Tablot
Discovery : Photography (Paper)

Werner Heisenberg
Discovery : Quantum Theory

Wilhelm Reontgen
Discovery : X-Ray

Wilhelm Wundt
Discovery : Founding Of Psychology

Willard Libby
Discovery : Radioactive Dating

William Bayliss
Discovery : Modern Physiology

William Burroughs
Discovery : Cash Register

William Harvey
Discovery : Circulation Of The Blood

William Herschel
Discovery : Heavens

William Hurst
Discovery : Safety Pin

William Murdoch
Discovery : Gas Lighting

William Oughtred
Discovery : Symbol

William Siemens
Discovery : Electric Furnace

William Sturgeon
Discovery : Electromagnet

Wright Brothers
Discovery : Aeroplane

Discovery : Meson Hideki