Value Education - Founder learnt Value Education from his mother Late Kumud Moreshwar Bapat


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Bill Gates ; Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
; Steve Jobs
Mark Zuckerberg ; Mark Zuckerberg
John Mackey
Richard Branson
Lord Alan Sugar
Tumblr kajillionaire David Karp
Matt Mullenweg (WordPress)
Arash Ferdowsi (DropBox)
Aaron Levie (Box)
Stacey Ferreira (MySocialCloud.com)
Dustin Moskovitz (Facebook, Asana)
Daniel Ek (Spotify)
Danielle Morrill (Twilio)
Jeffrey Kalmikoff (Startup advisor)
Sahil Lavingia (Gumroad)
Zach Sims (Codecademy)
Ben Milne (Dwoella)
David Neeleman
Susan Lyne (AOL)
Evan Williams
Gabe Newell (Valve Corporation)

Michael Dell, Dell Comupters
Jack Dorsey, Twitter
Paul Allen, Microsoft
Larry Ellison, Oracle
Sean Parker, Napster
Evan Williams, Twitter
Jan Koum, Whatsapp
Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo
Azim Premji, WIPRO

Henry Ford
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Abraham Lincoln ; Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
Indira Gandhi

James Monroe
Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren
William Henry Harrison
Zachary Taylor
Millard Fillmore
Andrew Johnson
Grover Cleveland
William McKinley
Harry S. Truman

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William Shakespeare

Sachin Tendulkar (Cricket)
Muhammad Ali (Boxing)

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Lionel Messi (Football)
Pele (Football star)
Diego Maradona (Football)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Football)

John Glenn, Astronaut
Charles Dickens - Author

Simon Cowell (Music)
Drew Barrymore (Production)

Steven Spielberg (Film director)
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Frank Lloyd Wright (Architect)

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Wolfgang Puck (Chef)
Walt Disney (Animator, films)

Robert Frost - Poet

Political leaders
Left either school or college

Abraham Lincoln ; Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
Indira Gandhi

James Monroe
Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren
William Henry Harrison
Zachary Taylor
Millard Fillmore
Andrew Johnson
Grover Cleveland
William McKinley
Harry S. Truman

Famous (Non politician)

Value education
Many parents want their children to be highly educated in academic terms. They want their child to go to best school or college.

When it comes to marriage, the girls want their husband to be hightly educated academically and the husband wants his wife to be highly educated.

Our founder Sanjay Bapat became engineer, did his MBA (MMS in Mumbai) but he hardly gave importance to education is classroom.

He used to bunk engineering college and play cricket, football and badminton and when he did his MBA, he used to play carrom when there were classes or go to library. But he passed. He knew what they ask in academic exams because he used to go to library and study. More importantly, see the questions asked in papers in last few years. And study the answers.

He never thought academic education was important. For him the importance of education was VALUE education, which means to understand importance of the issue and see how to address those challenges.
For him 2 + 2 was always 4. But 100 /25 = 4, so is 5 - 1 = 4 or 1 x 4 = 4, so the answer is same but solving the challenges depending on what you do is important.
In maths, these can be addition, division, subtraction or multiplication. Then there is square.

In life, there are ways one can address the same challenge. It depends on the scenario, the history, background ... the situation like political scenario or cultural scenario ....

Simple example on 19.4.2019 is : Water in house.
You can tell Municipality or get a water tanker and you get Water.
You think the Problem is solved.
But what you lost is "No Water Experience" that people get everyday in amny parts of India and across the world.

If people see it from closed windows, you know their mindset.

Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat never wants to be financial billionaire.
But he wants to be a multi billionaire with Billions of Satisfaction points, which have far far bigger and deeper value than financial value. And donation was learnt from Bhau. So in his memory, in 2019-20, he has decided to donate free banners for all countries except India.
India will take care of his idea to live & leave the world as sustainable world family.
While everything is free to visitors, there are costs related to branding & promotion. And Brands across the world will take care of this. They get visibility for their brand.

Billions of individuals & organisations must help their country government in any social, health, climate issues. Because governments are main decision makers of any country, except in dictatorial countries which are ruled by just 1 or 2 persons.

His teacher of Integration is Rohan who suffers Sensory Integration..

Integrate good things only because this world has many bad people (Bad behaviour because founder has seen Good Parents but Bad children) and you cant quote anybody bad because law needs proof. And one not only wastes lot of time in getting legal proofs but it takes lot of papers which means one indirectly has to cut a lot of trees (read indirectly). The same time & money
can be used to share how challenges are addressed by organisations in different countries and depending on the cultural, political and actual scnario, one can replicate, scaleup or modify the practices, so their part of this large world gets good programmes.
Integrate it and the world gets a much greater number of good programmes..

Bad is Good because Good stands out of BAD.
Bad people (if at all they want to) can learn from Good people or organisations or countries..

Whether it is history, geography, science ... he wanted to know the actual historical scenario or actual geography and in classroom he was told that
the desert area is ..... there is more monsoon in .....
He never questioned the teacher maybe because he was afraid of questioning or he came from a background where you cant question the teacher ...

so he did not like it but had to be a quiet student listener in the classroom (listener does not mean memorising what was told) may be just for the examination.
It was definitely not learning.

He always thought that he should pass the school exam and get into college. So he passed out from M H High School in 1977 and then passed in Mechanical Engineering. Then he did his MBA in Marketing, did one year in Law college ... Certificates will show you that he passed of failed but will not show you how much he learnt or understood.

He hardly gave importance to lectures not because they were boring but what was taught was there in the books. And in his time, there was a great guidance because there was a Book on 21 Questions usually asked in papers .... Just read it and pass the exam.
This was Mechanical not actual. He had practicals in science and engineering, but Life is a Great Practical and every human being on Earth goes through Practicals every second. While some are good, there are many Bad Practical examples ha has gone through.

e.g. hardly can one actually see desert in Rajasthan or heavy monsoon areas in Arunachal Pradesh in India (in school days his thinking was limited to India) ...

In school one passes exams, when she / he gets 35 marks
Imagine a surgeon doctor who got 75% marks in final year of medical exams.
You think it is great to get distinction.
Can you imagine a surgeon operating heart says I can do 75% heart operation successful, not 100% ... She / he cant tell you that she / he had a distinction when I did my MS with 75% .

Every patient or relative goes to a doctor who Guarantees success ..
it is known that doctors must do operations perfect like Business Process and whether the patient survives or not may be is dependent on other things like WILL power to survive or whether the patient knows that survival may mean more dependency on family ..........

Remember doctors do right things but she / he cant change YOUR deadline, so if you die, your date and time of expiry was that. What founder liked about Dr Harshad Purandare is not just his medical skills but attitude in life ... Founder thinks that Bhau brought him to hospital may be as a father brings his son, but more the founder thinks of the circumstances before, at the time and after the accident, he thinks (let it be clear of the word "he thinks" because there is no legal proof of "thinking")
Bhau brought him out of deadly situation just because founder had not done enough for social issues of Mother Earth.

Now the canvas has increased from Thane & India to entire world & universe;
Health & climate change issues are added only after 28.08.2013 and now thanks to Rohan, his son, Integration is main focus (Integration of what individuals or organisation do good across the world)

Remember even doctors, scientists, politicians who rule and are admired ........ all have to leave this earth in Physical form (in normal person's words : Die) one day.

When he visits companies or NGOs or political leaders, they hardly talk about history of the company or the NGO or political party or country because their focus is present and their strategy is for the future. They know the history of the company or NGO or country and that is the base on which the present condition is and they think of strategies for the present and future of the company or NGO or country.

Ask them about history or geography taught in classes and they say, "that is history and we dont have time to discuss this. We want to address people's challenges because that is what we and people want us to do".

Yes, they say that it is history, which means histroy is known.
Not even 0.00000000001% of students who are great doctors or scientists or business leaders or political leaders can tell you or themself what the teacher said in each of the 35 minutes 20 years back..What they know is history, present and thinking of future.
No one gets 100% marks in each exam is a reality.
But if one gets 96% marks, it is not right to say he failed 4%.
Incidentally, founder got 69% in 10th Standard, so he thought first class.

We never say : No school, college
Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat can never say Dont go to school or college.
He will always say : Do good in what you can do good.
Dont do it for marks only. Undertand it.

You can do in cricket like Sachin Tendulkar
You can be great like Pele, Ronaldo, Messi
You can climb Mount Everest.

You can go to moon. ... they remember you as one who went to moon
(Only 12 have walked on the moon as of 19.4.2019, but how many know all the 12 names except Neil Armstrong or which was their school or which was their college ... out of 7.6 billion people on earth, only few thousand can tell names of all 12).
Click here to see the names of these 12 in CSRidentity.com Knowledge Bank.

He has friends who have done engineering from highly well known institutes like IIT or have done their medical science education & postgraduation and have earned good income. But how much time & money they have given to Social, Health, Climate issues is known to them.
How many have left the country where they were educated and settled in other countries (Of course, going to other countries is ok for the founder because he thinks World is a village but always remember your parents, country where you were born, school you went to - school not learning in the school .. and when you earn good, founder want you to give at least 2% but giving the attitude of people, he will say give or donate 0.01% of your time and 0.01% of your money to which ever social, health , climate issue you want to. This is what is Value Education. Deleting 0.01% of your income is not great deletion in terms of value because you still retain 99.99% but Value means Values that great people have.
And this Value education was learnt from founder's mother Aai.

If you think this is a persoanl site where Founder mentions father, mother, Rohan it is wrong.
Of the millions of words on CSRidentity.com you can see these names may be 100 times. Rest is far more than 99.999%
And yes because founder considers world is his family. Its a technovillage. He cant know the names of 7.6 billion people in the world presently or those who did exist millions of years back but thinking is thinking ... if you think of the future, you think of what does not exist today.


Earning is great but you dont die taking billions of dollars, gold, platinum, any house, ranch, any country with you. You die alone (Sometimes there is mass murder but death of person X is death of person X whether there will hundreds of other died with her / him is not the issue)

So when you are alive at least give 2% of your time & money to social, health, climate issues.
Or do it through a registered WILL.
There are more than 1 billion people who live below the poverty line


Mother is the person who gives birth (No one is born without a mother)
Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat learnt Value Education from his mother Late Kumud (Aai)