Automobiles (Cars)
CSRidentity.com has over 500 corporates making automobiles from different countries. These are shared in countrywise corporates, where we share corporates alphabetically and do not mention whether the corporates make consumer goods or automobiles or airlines or are service organisations like Banks, Auditors, Consultants ...
But if a corporate wants links to corporates specifically in automobile sector, they pay us Rs 10000/- and we will email them the list of banks available with us countrywise.
We give opportuity to any automobile manufacturing company to share the consumer, customer, climate and community responsibility of corporates in automobile sector.
And the advertiser will not say anything about its products in the content because we respect all organisations in the field and we dont want competition in responsibility.
They can share their banner on top for a mutually agreeable fee for the period July 2022 to 31.3.2024
Responibility towards consumers, clients
Responibility towards employees
Responibility towards supply chain
Responibility towards environment & climate
Responibility towards communities