Instead of just sharing their names with links, we plan to share their name with related link issuewise.
Because our idea is Branding Social Issues and not Philanthropists which anyway have brand value.





Brand value

WILL to donate is common
It is important that they have will to donate.
We think if they have WILL to donate then either they can donate directly to NGOs or Charities they want in their country or any country outside (if they have said it in their legal staement) or may have strategy to donate specific issues, so they can donate it to NGOs issuewise.
Corporates may decide to have their own foundation and must register it with related government authority..

It is important that they have a WILL to donate.
In India we have seen WILL can be challenged.
That is ok in democratic world.
After all everyone has WILL, some to do good, some to do bad and some others to challenge good and waste world's time & money.


Great attitude
Thanks to his vision in 1999
Keshub Mahindra (Dedicated page)
Identity : "Mind & Money" billionaire.
Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Group (Dedicated page. Identity in CSRidentity.com is because founder was part of a team (just a listner) which recommended Identity for Tata Group
Great Indian

Venkat Krishnan N
CSRidentity.com must thank Venkat Krishnan N when founder had an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013. We will never forget the kindness of great Venkat and the top banner of Philanthropists in India for 2023-24 will be given to India Welfare Trust, Venkat's NGO. Its our responsibility

If they suggest that the banner be given to someone else which they suggest or we can have one who takes the banner, then the amount of the banner should be a donation to Developed Nation Network Trust and the entire donation should be given to India Welfare Trust. Its not just money, its Venkat's attitude which is far more important.