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Iraq National Anthem
My Homeland
My homeland, My homeland
Glory and beauty, Sublimity and splendor
Are in your hills, Are in your hills
Life and deliverance, Pleasure and hope
Are in your air, Are in your Air
Will I see you? Will I see you?
Safe and comforted, Sound and honored
Will I see you in your eminence?
Reaching to the stars, Reaching to the stars
My homeland, My homeland

My homeland, My homeland
The youth will not tire, 'till your independence
Or they die, Or they die
We will drink from death
And will not be to our enemies
Like slaves, Like slaves
We do not want, We do not want
An eternal humiliation
Nor a miserable life
We do not want
But we will bring back
Our storied glory, Our storied glory
My homeland, My homeland

The sword and the pen
Not the talk nor the quarrel
Are our symbols, Are our symbols
Our glory and our covenant
And a duty to be faithful
Moves us, moves us
Our glory, Our glory
Is an honorable cause
And a waving standard
O, behold you
In your eminence
Victorious over your enemies
Victorious over your enemies
My homeland, My homeland


438,317 sq km

Iraqi Dinar

Emergency numbers
Local numbers only

Turkmen (a Turkish dialect)
Syriac (Neo-Aramaic)
Armenian are official in areas where native speakers of these languages constitute a majority of the population

Iraq Government

Law ministry
Ministry of Justice

Latest population

Iraq Police - Iraqi Police
Website : http://www.moi.gov.iq/

Iraq Political parties
Islamic Dawa Party
Founded : 1958; 58 years ago
Website : www.islamicdawaparty.org

Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq
Founded : 1982
Website : www.almejlis.org

Sadrist Movement
Founded : 2003
Website : http://www.pc-sader.com/

Islamic Dawa Party – Iraq Organisation
Founded : 1957
Website : aldaawa-io.org

National Iraqi Alliance
Founded : 2005

Democratic Patriotic Alliance of Kurdistan
Founded : 2005

Kurdistan Democratic Party
Founded : August 16, 1946; 70 years ago
Website : www.kdp.info

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
Founded : June 1, 1975; 41 years ago
Website : www.pukmedia.com

Kurdistan Islamic Union
Founded : 1994
Website : www.kurdiu.org

Movement for Change
Founded : 2009
Website : gorran.net

Kurdistan Toilers' Party
Parti Zahmatkeshan Kurdistan
Founded : 1985

Communist Party of Kurdistan – Iraq
Founded : 1993
Website : www.regaykurdistan.com

Assyrian Patriotic Party
Founded : July 14, 1973
Website : www.atranaya.com

Iraqi National Accord
Founded : 1991
Website : http://www.wifaq.com/

Iraqi Turkmen Front
Founded : April 24, 1994
Website : www.kerkuk.net

People's Union (Iraq)
Founded : 2005

Iraqi Communist Party
Founded : 31 March 1934
Website : iraqicp.com

Kurdistan Islamic Group
Founded : 2001

National Democratic Party (Iraq)
Founded : 2003

Assyrian Democratic Movement
Founded : April 12, 1979
Website : http://www.zowaa.org/

Reconciliation and Liberation Bloc
Founded : 1995

Yazidi Movement for Reform and Progress
Website : ezidi-islah.net

Islamic Labour Movement in Iraq

National Independent Cadres and Elites

Tribes of Iraq Coalition

Islamic Fayli Grouping in Iraq

Other parties

Worker-communist Party of Iraq
Founded : 1993
Website : wpiraq.net

Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq
Founded : 2004
Website : socialismnow.org

Assembly of Independent Democrats
Founded : 2005

National Democratic Party (Iraq)
Founded : 2003

Iraqi Constitutional Monarchy
Founded : 2003
Website : iraqcmm.org

Assyria Liberation Party
Founded : 1995

Assyrian Patriotic Party
Founded : July 14, 1973
Website : www.atranaya.com

Kurdistan Conservative Party
Founded : 4th Elul

Turkmen People's Party
Website : http://www.angelfire.com/tn/halk/bildiri.html

Iraqi Islamic Party
Founded : April 26, 1960
Website : http://www.iraqiparty.com

Green Party of Iraq

Popular Unity Party (Iraq)

Muslim 95-98% (Shia 64-69%, Sunni 29-34%)
Christian 1%
Other 1-4%
Note: while there has been voluntary relocation of many Christian families to northern Iraq, the overall Christian population has decreased at least 50% and perhaps as high as 90% since the fall of the SADDAM

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Where is Iraq located in this large world ?
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Interesting facts
Researchers claim that most Irish and Britons can trace their roots to Iraq and Syria.

The Martyr’s Monument (al-Shaheed Monument) in Baghdad was constructed in the memory of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi soldiers who died in the Iran-Iraq War. Shaped like an egg split open with an “eternal flame” in the middle, it houses the names, weapons, and clothing of some of the soldiers.

Iraqis celebrate two New Year’s Days. The first celebration is Muharram on the first month of the Muslim calendar. Some Iraqis also celebrate New Year’s Eve on December 31 of the Gregorian calendar.

Traditionally, marriages in Iraq are arranged, though more and more Iraqis are choosing their own spouses, especially in larger cities.

Dance has played an important role in Iraq culture for thousands of years. One dancing style in Iraq, the hacha’a, is similar to belly dancing, but there is more neck and hand motion and less hip movement. A woman must have long hair because part of the dance involves swinging her hair to the music.

The traditional music of Iraq is the maqam, which is based on Arabic poetry and is very heart wrenching and slow. Maqam musical scales are said to have been influenced by the courts of ancient Arabic kings and by the Persians (ancient Iranians).

Traditionally in Iraq, more than half of all brides and grooms marry their first or second cousin.

In Iraq, as it is in many predominantly Muslim countries, it is offensive to use one’s left hand while eating because the left hand is considered to be unclean.

It is not considered rude in Iraq to eat food quickly or without utensils. In fact, it is a sign to the host or hostess that the food is delicious. Iraqis are also extremely offended if the family pet comes near the table during the meal.

If someone admires an Iraqi’s possession, such as a vase, the Iraqi will usually insist that the person takes it. Therefore, it is proper etiquette to avoid lavishly praising another person’s possessions.