Olympic winners (Tokyo 2020 Olympics)

First, we openly admit that all players who went to Japan to play Olympics 2020 (held in August 2021 due to pandemic) are winners.

Modern pentathlon
Rugby sevens
Sport climbing
Table tennis
Winners representing Countries
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Its important not to win Gold Medal because Health comes first

The name of Olympic winners who won Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals are available free to all. Even their country names are available free to all.
If someone questions how we are different then our answer is no website in the world which share names of winners for a donation towards development projects and promotion of Thane. And in the coverage of Olympic winners countrywise, the banner is given free to those who sponsor countries because Nobel & Olympic winners enhance country image.

Great players like Simone Biles has no regrets about her decision to opt-out of five of the six finals in Tokyo because of a mental block, calling it a small price to pay if it lets others realize they retain the right to say “it's OK not to be OK” no matter how bright the spotlight. She said she is human. We completely agree with her thought and must congratulate her courage. If she had opted out of Olympics after Olympics 2016 or just before Olympics 2020 held in 2021, people would not have noticed the problem of mental health.

We think she did it in Olympics is extremely important because it took the issue of mental health to Olympic level, which means it is an international issue.
Still she played in one game and won an award. Even if she would not have got the award, the courage to play itself is like a Platinum Medal, which is not given in Olympics so far.

So, we say that all who went to all Olympics (not just Tokyo 2020-2021 but all Olympics, paraOlympics) represent humanity at global level and in Olympics they give Gold, Silver, Bronze medals, but humanity must give all, humanity awards. We might do to with online recognition certificates to all players in 2021.

We share all the 3 medalists (Gold, Silver, Bronze) now, but in the same category in the same field of sports, we plan to share Paraolympic medalists by 25.12.2021 or earlier.
And give opportunity to Brands to help us promote great humans across the world because these are inspirations to all humans who face challenges every day.

Russian Federation played in Tokyo Olympics as "Russian Olympic Committee" (ROC) because of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines.

Chinese Taipei
Taiwan was played as Chinese Taipei in Olympics 2020

2020 in 2021
Tokyo Olympics took place between 23 July to 8 August 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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