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Israel National Anthem
The Hope
As long as in the heart, within,
A Jewish soul still yearns,
And onward, towards the ends of the east,
An eye still looks toward Zion;

Our hope is not yet lost,
The ancient hope,
To return to the land of our fathers,
The city where David encamped.

As long as tears from our eyes
Flow like benevolent rain,
And throngs of our countrymen
Still pay homage at the graves of (our) fathers;

As long as our precious Wall
Appears before our eyes,
And over the destruction of our Temple
An eye still wells up with tears;

As long as the waters of the Jordan
In fullness swell its banks,
And (down) to the Sea of Galilee
With tumultuous noise fall;

As long as on the barren highways
The humbled city gates mark,
And among the ruins of Jerusalem
A daughter of Zion still cries;

As long as pure tears
Flow from the eye of a daughter of my nation,
And to mourn for Zion at the watch of night
She still rises in the middle of the nights;

As long as drops of blood in our veins
Flow back and forth,
And upon the graves of our fathers
Dewdrops still fall;

As long as the feeling of love of nation
Throbs in the heart of the Jew,
We can still hope even today
That a wrathful God may still have mercy on us;

Hear, O my brothers in the lands of exile,
The voice of one of our visionaries,
(Who declares) That only with the very last Jew —
Only there is the end of our hope!

You people, peace for your country again
Balm in Gilead, Jerusalem doctor,
Your healer is God, the wisdom of His heart,
Go my people in peace, healing is imminent...

Jerusalem (declared, de facto)

21,937 sq km

Israeli New Shekel

Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 101
Fire: 102
Police: 100

English (most commonly used foreign language)

Israel Government

Law ministry
Ministry of Justice

Latest population

Israel Police
Agency overview
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Overviewed by : Police Internal Investigations Department
Headquarters : National Headquarters of the Israel Police – Kiryat HaMemshala (East Jerusalem)
Agency executive : Police Commissioner

Website : http://www.police.gov.il/.

For detailed and more information, see the source

Israel Political parties

Founded 1973 (alliance) / 1988 (unified party)
Website : www.likud.org.il

Zionist Union
Founded : 10 December 2014

The Joint List
Founded : 23 January 2015

Yesh Atid
Founded : January 2012
Website : www.yeshatid.org.il

Founded : 27 November 2014
Website : www.kulanu-party.co.il

The Jewish Home
Founded : 2008; 8 years ago
Website : www.baityehudi.org.il

Founded : 1984; 32 years ago
Website : shas.org.il/Web/He/Default.aspx

United Torah Judaism
Founded : 1992; 24 years ago

Yisrael Beiteinu
Founded : 1999
Website : www.beytenu.org

Founded : 1992 (alliance) / 1997 (single party)
Website : www.meretz.org.il

Other parties

Founded : 2008

Ale Yarok
Founded : 1999
Website : www.aleyarok.org.il/

Brit Olam
Founded : 2005

Da'am Workers Party
Founded : 1995
Website : daam.org.il

Dor (political party)
Founded : 1990s

Eretz Hadasha
Founded : 2012

Green Movement (Israel)
Founded : 2008

Yachad (political party)
Founded : 15 December 2014
Website : http://www.elieyshay.com/

Website : www.haisraelim.org

Holocaust Survivors and Grown-Up Green Leaf Party
Founded : 2009

Founded : 24 November 2005
Website : www.kadima.org.il

Koah HaKesef
Founded : 2006

Koah Lehashpi'a
Founded : 2009

Lazuz (political party)
Founded : 2009

Leader (political party)
Founded : 2003

Lev LaOlim
Founded : 1999

Man's Rights in the Family Party
Founded : 1986

Founded : 1999

Otzma Yehudit
Founded : 13 November 2012

Sons of the New Testament
Founded : 10 July 2013

The Greens (Israel)
Founded : 1997

Founded : 2015

Yisrael Hazaka
Founded : 2008

Yisrael HaMithadeshet
Founded : 1999

Founded : 1983


Jewish 74.3%
Muslim 17.8%
Christian 1.9%
Druze 1.6%
Other 4.4%

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Where is Israel located in this large world ?
Image done by CSRidentity.com which wants every nation to be a developed nation.
Interesting facts
Israel is only 1/6 of 1% of the landmass of the Middle East.

24% of Israel’s workforce holds university degrees – ranking third in the industrialized world, after the United States and Holland – and 12% hold advanced degrees.

Israel has the third highest rate of entrepreneurship – and the highest rate among women and among people over 55 – in the world.

Israel is the only country in the world that entered the 21st century with a net gain in its number of trees.

With more than 3,000 high-tech companies and start-ups, Israel has the highest concentration of hi-tech companies in the world (apart from the Silicon Valley).

Israel has one of the the highest percentages in the world of home computers per capita.

Israel has been at the forefront of some of the major technological advances in recent years, including: some of the development for the very first cell phone was believed to have been done in Israel by Motorola (which has its largest development center in Israel), most of the Windows NT operating system was developed by Microsoft-Israel, the Pentium MMX Chip technology was designed in Israel at Intel, and voice mail technology was also developed in Israel.

Israeli bank notes have brail on them so the blind can identify them.

Israel has the fourth largest air force in the world (after the U.S, Russia and China), including an aerial arsenal of over 250 F-16’s.

The glue on Israeli stamps is kosher.