Welcome To Morocco
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Morocco National Anthem
Root of the free,
Rising place of the Lights.
Forum of glory and its protector.
May you perpetuate as its forum and its protector.
May you live among the homelands,
As an address for grandeur
Filling every garden.
conveyed by every tongue.
With the spirit,
With the body,
Your son has come,
To answer your call.
In my mouth and in my blood,
Your love stirred up as light and fire.
Let’s go brothers!
Heading for grandeur,
Making the world witness,
That we here perpetually live,
With the motto:
God, homeland, king.


446,550 sq km

Moroccan Dirham

Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 15
Fire: 15
Police: 19

Berber languages (Tamazight, Tachelhit, Tarifit)

Morocco Government

Law ministry
Minister of Justice and Liberties

Latest population

Morocco Police
Agency overview : Formed 16 May 1956
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Headquarters : Rabat, Morocco

Website : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Morocco-City-Police-Department/456810777784782

For detailed and more information, see the source

Morocco Political parties
Parties represented in the Parliament elected in 2007

National Rally of Independents
Founded : 1978; 38 years ago
Website : www.rni.ma

Authenticity and Modernity Party
Founded: 2008; 8 years ago
Website : www.pam.pa

Environment and Development Party
Founded : April 2002

Alliance of Liberties
Founded : March 2002

Citizenship and Development Initiative
Founded : 2002

Istiqlal Party
Founded : April 1937; 79 years ago
Website : partidelistiqlal.org

Justice and Development Party (Morocco)
Founded 1967; 49 years ago
Website : www.pjd.ma

People's Movement (Mouvement Populaire, Alharaka ashaabia), a 25 March 2006 merger between:

  • Popular Movement (Morocco)
    Founded : 1957; 59 years ago
    Website : www.alharaka.ma
  • National Popular Movement
  • Democratic Union (Morocco)
    Founded : November 2001

Socialist Union of Popular Forces
Founded : 1975; 41 years ago
Website : www.usfp.ma

Constitutional Union (Morocco)
Founded : 1983; 33 years ago
Website : Union Constitutionnelle

Modernist Left Pole, comprising three parties:

  • Party of Progress and Socialism
    Founded : 1974; 42 years ago
    Website : ppsmaroc.com
  • Front of Democratic Forces
    Founded : 1997
  • Labour Party (Morocco)
    Founded : 2005; 11 years ago

National Democratic Party (Morocco)
Founded : 1981

Democratic and Social Movement (Morocco)
Founded : 15 June 1996; 20 years ago

Alliance of the Democratic Left, electoral alliance in 2007 and 2009, afterwards a more political platform:

  • National Ittihadi Congress
    Founded : October 2001
  • Socialist Democratic Vanguard Party
    Founded : 1991
  • Unified Socialist Party (Morocco)
    Founded : 2005; 11 years ago
    Website : http://www.psu-maroc.ma

Party of Renewal and Equity
Founded : 2002

Citizens' Forces
Founded : November 2001

Party of Renaissance and Virtue
Founded : 9 April 2004

Moroccan Union for Democracy

Socialist Party (Morocco)

Parties without parliamentary representation

Parties represented in the 2002 parliament, no longer after the 2007 election

Reform and Development Party (Morocco)
Founded : June 2001

Moroccan Liberal Party
Founded : March 2002

Democratic Independence Party
Founded : 1946

Democratic Socialist Party (Morocco)
Founded : 1996

Parties not represented in the 2002 parliament, that took part in the 2007 elections without winning any seat

Action Party (Morocco)
Founded : 1974

Social Centre Party
Founded : 1984

Party of Liberty and Social Justice

Party of Hope (Morocco)

Renaissance Party (Parti Annahda)

Other parties

Hizb ut-Tahrir
Founded : 1953; 63 years ago
Website : http://www.hizb-ut-tahrir.org/

Ila al-Amam (Morocco)
Founded : 1970

Al-Badil al-Hadari Party

Muslim 99% (virtually all Sunni, <0.1% Shia)
Other 1% (includes Christian, Jewish, and Baha'i)
Note - Jewish about 6,000

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Where is Morocco located in this large world ?
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Interesting facts
Did you know that Morocco is an African country with a very young population? The majority of its inhabitants, no more and no less than around 70%, are under the age of 30.

Morocco is the top tourist destination in all of Africa. Each year it receives more than 10 million tourists.

If you thought the camel was the country’s primary mode of transportation, you were way off, it’s the donkey. In fact, in Rissani, there is a market just for buying and selling donkeys.

We all know that the largest film set in the world is in Hollywood. However, what you might not have known is that the second largest is in Morocco. Films that have been shot here include Prince of Persia, Sahara and The Mummy.

Did you know that the Sahara desert is the largest and warmest on the planet?

The blue houses of Chaouen are famous for their striking colour. Do you know why they are blue? Jewish refugees painted them this colour because they believed it kept the mosquitoes away.

The quality of Moroccan dates is excellent and that is why they are exported all over the world. More than 90,000 tons are exported each year.

If you are invited into a Moroccan home, don’t forget to take off your shoes. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see statues or paintings on the walls, this is customary in the homes of religious Moroccans.

Green tea is the most popular drink in the country. Some people drink tea at all hours since it is a sign of hospitality. One piece of advice: if you are offered tea, never refuse.

If there is one thing in Morocco, it’s palaces. One which is a must-see is the Villa Majorelle, a jewel of a palace built 90 years ago by the French painter Jacques Majorelle and later bought by the designer Yves Saint Laurent.