In each country, we share its national anthem, government, population.
Our plans
Invite experts to share the status of 25 social issues in their country, share country's related ministry

Our plans
1.10.2020 to 31.3.2021
15000 from 195 countries
5000 Industrywise
CSR of largest 2000
Global indices, principles

100000 issuewise NGOs from 90 countries

3000 Media from 175 countries, SARs

Film, sports, business + Doctors, Hospitals, Lawyers + Colleges, tourism (experiential, historical, religious and tourism places) .....
+ NGO leaders

Today is Birth day of 21369863 people
Skill Development


Blood donation
Child Health

Climate Change




Rural Development
Senior Citizens


Urban Development

Village Development


We plan to Thane globally known by sharing many things like Value Education, Blood donation, Retail donationm World & India maps, Libraries ...

In Corporates, we plan to share Biggest 2000 corporates in the world & their CSR,
Countrywise corporates,
Industrywise corporates, 1000 corporates you should know,
Global indices & principles, Business Associations , Industry Associations

In NGOs, we plan to share countrywise NGOs, Issuewise NGOs, STAR NGOs
From November 2020, we will start online modules where NGOs from any country can know the answers to questions on management

In celebrities, we not only share Film, Sports, Business and other known forms of celebrities like Giving Pledgers, Venkat Krishnan, Ashoka Fellows but Doctors,
Hospitals, Lawyers, Colleges, Experiential tourism, historical locations, religious locations and tourism places

World Stock exchange for NGOs

We want World Stock Exchange for NGOs because they need constant donation and volunteering
R = Returns (Satisfaction)
O = Opportunities
of Social, Health & Climate Investment.
I = Impact of work

Bad things makes good things stand out.
By donating 100% of his first income,
Aum shows hope of a good world

Brand. NGOs & Social issues must know that why corporates, products, media ... even god is a brand.
Its time they start sharing identity & create a brand.

We can enhance your brand value. We can put your logo followed by information and you can buy it from Rs 1180/-
(USD 30) onwards . See samples, costs by 25.9.2020. You can send email or whatapps to your office colleagues, contacts.

7 ancient wonders and 7 new wonders
12 people who walked on moon
Weight of brain, heart and many human body parts
Temperature of sun, distance from earth, distance of moon from earth
Various planets in this universe
Capitals of countries
Independence days of various countries
Who is the first human ? Which country and how many years back was he found ?
Population of each country
Government websites of over 150 countries
National anthems of over 150 countries
Interesting things about 175 countries
Average age of elephant or Tiger or Lion
Political parties in 150 countries
Foreign embassies in 150 countries
Rivers in 190 countries
Stock exchanges in 150 countries


Doctors, do you have medicine for this ?

If purposely (repeat purposely) they did not see father, grand father, father in law when he expired, their drama disease is dangerous than heart attack or current pandemic.
They definitely have bad attitude virus.

The case will not stop (infact it will increase its canvas) i
f you they kill someone directly, indirectly or through a so called accident in such a way that it is hard and time consuming even for law to prove them as culprits is what they or their lawyers may think. Though law takes time, legal system is good in India and
You, your future generations, neighbours, friends, so called relatives will suffer during this life. Law & Police will take care of their Reputation.

You have 1 life.
No human can live without air, water for even 1 day.

But if we tell you give 0.00775% of your time and money, you will say its too much. Why I should give it to others and just our of curiosity, how can I give.

Founder thinks everyone in world is his family.

Some teach you what to do, some teach you what not to do. Founder cant say brother & sister to his parents, wife, children, grand mother , grand father.

So instead of all are brothers & sisters, he will happily say that all are teachers. Yes, even if he did BE & MBA, he hardly valued classes because teachers explained what was in books, so he used to go to the library or study at home and played because that was example of team work


Bhau, founder's father, postponed death of founder to serve Mother Earth.

Aai, founder's mother, indirectly taught him Value education

Rohan, founder's son teaches him integration, so we integrate work in all countries.

Aum founder's second son has passed his MBBS.

Rohini, founder's spouse, who learns YOGA, thinks breath inhaling technique is key
Click here to see any UN member country, SAR, Non UN member country, Island coverage on
NGOs in India Corporates in India Thane is located in India Afghanistan Algeria Albania Andorra Portugal Angola Antigua & barbuda/ Argentina Armenia Kuwait Qatar Djibouti Ethiopia Australia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Georgia Kazakhstan Maldives Bahamas Bahrain Jordan Bangladesh Barbados Saint Lucia Dominican Republic Haiti Cuba trinidad & Tobago Saint kitts & nevis Dominica Honduras Guatemala El Salvador Nicaragua Costarica Panama Colombia Ecuador Peru Chile Grenada Venezuela Guyana Brazil Bolivia Paraguay Uruguay Mexico Belize USA Puerto Rico Canada Suriname French Polynesia American Samoa Kiribati Pacific Ocean South Pacific Ocean United Arab Emirates Ghana Benin Greenland Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Falkland Islands South Georgia Iceland Janmayen United Kingdom Ireland Norway Sweden Finland Denmark Poland Germany France San Marino Monaco Spain Vatican City Italy Greece Turkey Bulgaria Romania Ukraine Belarus Lithuania Latvia Estonia Tunisia Malta Libya Western Sahara Mauritania Senegal Gambia Sierra Leone Liberia Ivorycoast Burkina Faso Mali Niger Nigeria Chad Central African Rep. Gabon Congo Namibia Botswana South Africa Lesotho Swaziland Mozambique Zimbabwe Zambia Tanzania Demo. Rep. of Congo Burundi Madagascar Mauritius Kenya Uganda Somalia South Sudan Sudan Egypt Israel Yemen Saudi Arabia Iraq Iran Pakistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Sri Lanka Bhutan China Mongolia Russian Fed. Myanmar Laos Thailand Vietnam Brunei Malaysia Singapore Cocos Islands Christmas Island Indonesia North Korea South Korea Japan Philippines Palau Timor-Leste Vanuatu Micronesia Marshall Islands Kiribati Tuvalu Fiji Tonga Togo Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg Switzerland Slovenia Croatia Bosnia & Herzegovina Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary Serbia Moldova Macedonia Cyprus Lebanon Guinea Bissau Guinea Cameroon Equatorial Guinea Rwanda Cambodia Malawai Liechtenstein Montenegro Kosovo St Vincent & Grena.. Papua New Guinea Walls and futuna Morocco Solomon Islands Nauru India (Andaman & Nikobar) Oman Samoa Indian Ocean Southern Ocean Syrian Arab Republic Sao Tome &  Principe Cape Verde Comoros Pacific Ocean Eritrea Bermuda Coralsea Islands Howland Island Newcaledonia Thane is located in India Arctic ocean  




Can Brand Thane be seen globally as global example on Value education, Blood donation, retail donation and global & india mapping & library





Dr Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, Scientist.
Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat feels great that he had the opportunity to talk to Dr Kalam only once when Dr Kalam's office called founder when founder had done a website for villages in India and how they should be developed by 2020
What is important about Dr Kalam is not that he was a great scientist or was President of India but his great human attitude and respect for his parents

How is different than Google, Wikipedia, other search engines, media, research agencies and portals on social sector.

Our answer is clear. We are the only portal in the world which has
1) Provisions to share NGO programmes in on social, health, climate issues.
2) Index page of each country, we share that country's national anthem.
3) Offer opportunities to corporates and NGOs opportunity to promote them
4) Cover not just film or sports celebs but many other celeb forms plus doctors, hospitals, lawyers who are helping social, health, climate issues.
5) Plans to 15 000 corporates from various countries (31.3.2021)
6) A person who comes out of fatal death who should take care of family and legal issues, thinks his death is postponed by his father because he has not served mother earth. Founder thinks he is a driver whose vehicle is internet and idea is integration of all stakeholders who help the government in handling 25 social, health, climate issues that we plan to cover.

We plan to start an online Question & Answer session for NGOs across the world on many management issues like fund raising, PR with corporates, corporate foundations, funding agencies, PR with communities, how branding helps, HR issues, how to arrive at salary structure ... issues which NGOs across the world




Visit these companies

Glenmark Pharma

Kia Motors

Shopping Mall
Starts in October 2020
National anthems
Law ministries
Courts in India
Interesting things
Country flags
Courts in India (400)
Political parties
Foreign embassies
7 wonders
Stock exchanges
Wimbledon winners
Capitals of countries
Name all who walked on moon
When was earth formed
1st human seen
Population countrywise
Weight of brain
Weight of heart
2.3% or 0.00775%
What is BP ?
25 December
Brain Heart
Dying Mortality
YOU Billionaires think
What is the weight of


Right from sharing his name which include names of his mother & father, Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat, founder, is different. He thinks that all the 7.8 billion people have different identity. He knows his death is postponed, not stopped. He knows every human's final destination is death. He urges every living human being to help others and more importantly climate.

Founder technically is not one. If you go to great Google and
Search Sanjay : It gives about 13,40,00,000 results in 0.65 seconds
Search Sanjay Bapat : It gives aout 6,93,000 results in 0.41 seconds
Search Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat : It gives about 89,500 results in 0.33 seconds
Search Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat : It gives about 9,170 results in 0.55 seconds
The results you get mentions part of the name, not the actual person.
That is how we are different. We plan to give you link to others.

Founder believes in TRUTH    

98.36% people in this world are from 11 largest religions in the world.
(Shared alphabetically, so Buddhism first. In reality, Christianity is the largest religion in this world).
Founder thinks that at birth, you have no choice of religion because it depends on which religion you are born with.
But some people change their religion. Founder thinks in India, it will take a lot of time to form a religion by the name if Truth, so instead of wasting his time in forming any religion, he should invest time to serve mother earth.
That is why his death was postponed by Bhau, his father.

Founder requests people of all religions on earth to give at least 0.00775% of their Time or Money or both to communities and nature. And he wants NGO founders to know that they are social entrepreneurs because in accident case, the court asked him, how much money he lost in last few months. So he wants NGOs to give salary equivalent to corporate salary (and NGO people can donate the salary back to the NGO, but on legal record their salary must be good). Founder was selected as Ashoka Fellow as a social entrepreneur (Not an NGO).
But Ashoka Fellows are present is just 92 countries, not all the countries, islands, territories.
It will be great if Ashoka has fellows in all countries. It should be UN of Social Entrepreneurs.
Or let Venkat Krishnan lead the world of social entrepreneurs instead of just working on India


2.3% is BIG

Brain weight is 2% of body mass.
Heart weight is 0.3% of body mass.
Combine it and you get 2.3%.

But donating 2.3% of Time & Money is
very big for billions of people.

At least 0.00775%
0.00775% is not just any figure.
It is the percentage of usable fresh water on earth.

If you live for just 60 years, it is 525600 hours
60 years x 365 days = 21900 days
21900 days of 24 hours each = 525600 hours

If one does 2 hours of volunteering per year
for just 20 years, it is 40 hours.
40 Hours in 60 years
is 0.007610350

Now 0 .00775 % of usable fresh water on earth and
0.007610350 % are close.

After 28.08.2013 founder realised truth.
We are all tourists in this world.

The longest human lifespan is that of Jeanne Calment of France (1875–1997), who lived to age 122 years, 164 days.

First human on earth was found some 2.8 million years back. Billions of people have come and left this earth.

Even 7 new wonders are new & ancient.

While we are on earth, we must enjoy but remember only sweet dishes is not lunch. So while you enjoy your life, give back to society and nature.


















We are different than Google, Wikipedia and other greats
because we really are different.
Each country has links to its government, political parties, legal ministries (districtwise courts in India), foreign embassies, corporates, NGOs, media, funding agencies, philanthropists, common great celebrities and more importantly, our heart, the social, health & Climate issues of the country.

As per our editorial policy, we can not have 1 organisation sponsor the country info because country belongs to its citizens and we allow NGOs, Corporates, Products in that country to share their names with due links to their organisation's official website
them for a nominal cost.

But if there is no one in that country that we can motivate to share their name, it is ok with us because Bhau saved founder from an almost fatal accident not to make money but to share social, health & climate challenges of countries and Rohan gave the idea tha we can do it only by sharing and integrating various stakeholders in various countries.
We know no one exits the earth with money or house with them. When someone dies she / he dont take satisfaction with them. They exit in terms of physical body but they remain in the minds of 1, 100, 1000 or 10000000 or whatever.
Doing good, helping others is key. Yes, you can do business and give income opportunity to 1 or 100 or 10 000 or more employees, supply chain people and even NGO people or you can devote life for animals or for climate .... do something which is worth your existance on earth.

Founder is an award given to this world by his parents : Aai & Bhau.
Bhau's clear thinking when he was the first on earth (followed by many) to start postponing the Death of founder on 28.08.2013 was clear. Founder has not served Mother earth enough. Let him do it and then leave.
Nobody (not even doctor) can stop death of patients and themself
Everyone on earth is an award given to this world by their parents
Interesting things

Cayman Islands
One of the world's largest financial centres and a well-known tax haven, this British overseas territory in the Caribbean has more registered businesses than it has people.


Telephone directories list individuals by their first names as a few have original surnames.

Known as the "land of 1000 lakes" and has about half a million identified lakes

The average woman gives birth to six children.

Afghan rugs are very popular around the world.

At least 10% of the land is made up of 8 national parks, 11 nature parks and two nature reserves. The lucky people in Croatia enjoy 2,715 hours of sunshine a year


1) 12 humans who walked on the moon
2) Moon age
3) Mean radius,
4) Equatorial radius
5) Polar radius
6) Surface area
70 Volume
8) Mass

1) Age
2) Area
3) Mass
4) Radius
5) Time to revolves around sun
6) Volume

Without the Sun's intense energy, there would be no life on Earth.
1) Temperature at the sun's core
2) Average diameter
3) Rotation period
4) Surface temperature
5) Composition
6) Mass covers

What is BP ?
25 December
Brain Heart
Dying Mortality
YOU Billionaires think
What is the weight of

7 Wonders New
7 Wonders (Old)


Its not creative if you think that Brands must Win Mindshare first because then Market share is automatic.

Its a fact.
If you dont think this way, we can say you dont breathe.

Yes, how you present it and communicate it with your audience is important.

Again, just thinking that your consumers or clients is what is your target is myopic. Your competitors consumers & clients is just one step ahead.
Your employees, their families, your suppliers, their families, government, media ... all must be happy to get associated with you.

It is far more important than the commerical thinking. You must get them emotionally involved with you.

You should be seen as father or mother. In India, mothers get emotional faster, father looks at all angles, can keep aside emotions and think of the future ... so fatherly figure is right when they say it. Its not just a sentence. It is far more important













'First human' discovered in Ethiopia : 2.8 million years back

Scientists have unearthed the jawbone of what they claim is one of the very first humans. The 2.8 million-year-old specimen is 400,000 years older than researchers thought that our kind first emerged. Prof Villmoare said the discovery makes a clear link between an iconic 3.2 million-year-old hominin (human-like primate) discovered in the same area in 1974, called "Lucy"..

In the last 2.8 million years, billions of people who lived on earth have seen many conflicts, deadly wars, diseases

Now world has become a village and like a contagious disease spreads faster in a village, Covid19 which is a non contagious disease has spread across the world and economy has gone down seriously. But this is a medical disease and there will be some medicine or vaccine after some days and it certainly will not be a big disease in 2030.

But there would be new diseases, crime, wars, conflicts ... and we are stupied enough to not worry about the biggest war we and our future generations have to fight. Call it by any name but in simple words it is " Climate disease"

And human attitude disease like not purposely seeing your father, grand father and father in law who has expired but is about to leave in physical form is a big disease world must take care of in this fight against climate because neither 100000 billion dollars not just 10 countries can solve this problem. It needs the world to come together and Covid19 has partly started this action of togetherness as well as working from home attitude thereby reducing climate damage that we do through vehicles, more consumption of water and light ...







First 3 humans who started "Giving Pledge in this world"
Giving Pledge is for Billionaires.

All are not billionaires. But visitors must know that several billion people are leaving their villages, cities and even countries for livelihood. thinks that each one of you must give Time & Money for communities









There are millions of Good Products.
Some are good because of their quality
Some are good because of their cost
Some are good because of their creative advertising
Some are good because of their PR

Consumers, customers, clients are clever
More clever than most of the companies think

You must focus : Mind Share
Managements know : Market Share will follow

Clever company leaders know
value of Mind Share is
far more important, far larger & far deeper

Better managements are talented
They Win Mind Share of Employees

Only the integration of winning
Mind share of customers
Mind share of employees, supply chain
makes sustainable winners



Good NGOs is what donors and volunteers need:
Credible NGOs is what donors and volunteers want.

Many NGOs are good by heart, good people.
Its time, the NGO management integrates
their heart power with brain power
and become professional
Social enterprise is what you must be

You must have money in corpus
else in situations like Covid19,
when donors know they have limited funds
and cant donate what you need,
you must ensure to use corpus funds,
so that communities dont suffer.

Infact, it is THE time
communities need more help



Consumers were & will always be clever.

Companies have decision makers
In the market consumers are decision makers

Prosperous companies are clever & clear.
Win Minds

They must have faith in employees
They must recognise and reward them
for getting Market Share
by winning Mind Share


Founder believes in TRUTH


How many know countries like Chad, Eritrea, Haiti, Kiribati, Kosovo, Malawi, Niger ...? If you click on the world picture on left, you can see locations of 258 countries, SARs, Islands and Territories. In deserts, in forests, in islands, in no water countries .... challenges are different.

Click here to see districts of India, which faces many problems...

We had initially thought of covering only India but after an almost fatal accident to founder on 28.08.2013, Bhau indirectly told founder that his death is postponed because he has not served mother earth enough. That big task is difficult to achieve but addressing difficult challenges is far more important than games humans who have lost humanity play if life or people who happily utter bad things or buy people under the name of business...


Shopping Mall
National anthems
Law ministries
Interesting things
Country flags
Courts in India (400)
Government links (200)
Political parties (6000)
Foreign embassies (10000)
Identity of countries
(Its not identity of any country, but formal way or legal way of I card)
7 wonders
Stock exchanges
Wimbledon winners
National anthems
Capitals of countries
Flags of countries
Name all who walked on moon
When was earth formed
1st human seen
Population countrywise
Weight of brain
Weight of heart
2.3% or 0.00775%
Countrywise interesting facts


Media we see / surf regularly

Al Jazeera


Times of India

















eBook on : Social, Health, Climate Issues


Founder is writing a couple of books online, the first being Win Mind Share, which is for all corporates, NGOs, media, you ...
It will share status of Social, Health, Climate issues of at least 60 key countries

eBook will share social, health, climate challenges in 60 plus countries.
Founder will approach Ashoka Fellows in 92 countries and credible NGOs
For each country that we will share, we will have two pages. One page will share key issues of the country (in point format, maximum 50 lines) , second page will be key issue that the NGO which shares info serves (challenges and programmes, contact address, website)
We will compile it in the form of an eBook. This will be shared with the NGO which can share it with their funders, volunteers or potential funders.
We will share it with funding agencies, corporates, foundations, NGOs, media, Consulates, Foreign embassies ..
Since we share name of the NGO & website it helps NGOs because donors & volunteers directly approach the NGO and not through us.
Our ultimate idea is helping you help communities we may never see. There is far greater satisfaction of helping unknown.

eBook to corporates which shares views of Brand experts on how to win mind share of consumers, customers so that your Market Share is on Auto mode. Brand experts from 25 key countries and these experts may be from companies, consultancies.

Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat is an Ashoka Fellow.
Book research starts in August 2020


Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat is a driver,
a Brand information driver who is integrating all brands from all countries.

He worked in companies, Ad agency, PR agency, Social PR agency which did consultancy in Identity and has been working with NGOs since 1999. He thinks that it is myopic to think that only corporates are Brands or only corporate products are brands. NGO names are Brands, so is media, so is river and it is ood but even Gods are Brands.

He got his Ashoka Fellowship in 2005 ...
Ashoka has over 3500 fellows from 92 countries.

By education qualification he is Engineer (Mechanical) & MBA (Marketing).
He admits that while he attended many Engineering and MBA classes, he hardly paid attention to the classes because what was taught was already in books. So he used to sit in library if he got time from being in Gymkhana or sports ground to play carrom, cricket, football, badminton. Founder learns from people around all the time because his mother taught him Value education which is far larger and deeper than academic education to get good job & income..
And value education does not mean how to get money, it means values, ethics in education and there is no school, college in the world which makes it a mandatory part of every class. His philosophy : Win Mind Share

All the things that we share on are other brands. If we do research of largest corporates or NGOs supported by celebrities, it is just our research and we are not that corporate or that NGO ... when you go to a shopping mall, what you get is Saree, Shirts, Coat, Vegetables. Fruits, Grocery, Light, Computer ... and you dont ask the Shopping Mall whether they have agricultural areas which generates all fruits or vegetable they sell and the shopping mall certainly do not buy ocean, they buy fish from fisherman and sell it. So we are like a World Shopping Mall which shares all brands.

So founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat thinks that he is a driver.
Yes Brands information driver who is taught the value of integration by Rohan.
He knows Brand Integration is critical for this world of wonders

Like focus of hospitals is on patients and mainly win disease first.
If your heart surgery is succesfully done in hospital A, you will equate that hospital like a good church, mosque, temple and promote it. Its word of mouth.
And you equate surgeons like Gods in that Church, Mosque, Temple ..
Politicians, celebrities Win Minds to get votes, followers

Corporates, products must Win Mind Share of consumers, customers, clients, employees, supply chain if they are good.
They know that then Market share goes on auto mode.
NGOs Win Mind Share of communities, donors, volunteers if they do good work.










Ad & PR Agencies
Founder worked in Advertising, PR & Social PR and has great admiration for your unlimited creative talent.
Instead of just thinking of increasing Market Share, think how your client can get more Mind Share, which has more sustainability.

Global examples

Ashray Akruti : Hostel for disabled citizens

Kokanipada : Rural & tribal school below the hills in Thane
Oka Raktapedhi : Scientifc blood bank, Thane
Yamgarwadi : Hostel for Nomadics in Solapur district, Maharashtra




























Countries : Social, Health, Climate Responsibility of Governments, Political parties, Law Ministries, UN
Sustainability Of individuals   , Of organisations    , Of programmes
Reputation Of individuals   , Of organisations   , Of programmes
  Sustainability Of individuals   , Of organisations    , Of programmes
Reputation Of individuals   , Of organisations   , Of programmes
In each country, corporates & NGOs can share their name with due link for a nomal fee of USD 100 & USD 50 respectively from August 2020 to March 2021.
Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat is an Ashoka Fellow. So as his responsibility, we will share upto 5 Ashoka Fellows free FROM that country in related period.








































Identity of any country is dependent on what you want it to be known for. It can be gods place or river or peace or scenary or flower gardens, sunny beaches....
Clever countries use this to market their country brand. They focus on your mind, so not just you but you motivate others to like the country.
Our attitude is different. We dont want toooooooo many people to crowd any country on just few days
because it damages climate positiveness. Vist the coutries when there is less crowd so you can enjoy more.
Yes, we share interesting things in each country that you must know.
More important reason for our existance is to sharing the Social, Health, Climate issues they face and how Government & NGOs address them with programmes.
You may not like it. Like nobody likes to watch a face of a lady on whose face acid was thrown.
They want to see best looking actresses or actors.
Some like truth, some dont like it. We will never request you to like
We will go one sharing truth. Not worry about the hits that we get.
Founder worked in ONIDA which showed broken TV to market.
You decide whether it is wrong or right way to market. Because you not money is important to us.



Worried about death ? No.
Worried about future of bad people who happily use bad words.
Absolutely Yes

Bad things are good teachers. One good thing this Covid19 has done is gave example to founder that his son & teacher Rohan can live without him. This was the biggest worry of the founder. Bigger than all others in the world including his family by blood and family of 7.8 billion people in this world.

But still, founder is worried about the future of so called middle class or sort of higher middle class people who think they can buy everything including people.

Money or Satisfaction ?

Billions of dollars
Billions of Satisfaction pts is clear
It wants
Billions of Satisfaction pts

But we know that
We need to promote millions of individuals & organisations across the world who are working for Social, Health & Climate issues

And it needs
Billions of dollars

But with volunteers
And social attitude
We need
Millions of dollars
Billions of dollars

Of course
we can work
without money
but only founder can do it
because he thinks this is his second life and Bhau gifted him to the world after 28.08.2013


We are many times asked questions related to corporates or NGOs or Colleges or Issues .... these and our answers to them are shared below the World Map in most of the folders ... we will share more Q & As




We know Heart cant cry

We also know that if someone is competing General Knowledge Quiz at world level and cant answer just 1 of the 100 questions, she / he cries (Not crying literally but they think why I could not answer this 1 question when I have got 99 right answers)

They never CRY. But when they suffer they CRY and start blaming government, NGOs ...

We always think when it comes to social, health, climate issues, people say they are busy.

There is no point in telling about handwash to students in slum areas because what can just 1 hour change them. And it is teacher's job.

Do these same people know that a coronary artery bypass suregery takes just 3 to 6 hours.

Now can you as a patient say I dont have time now, lets do my operation after I retire (which is 20 years from now). We all know that you will say that "Do it as early as possible"
" I will stay in hospital for 7 days after the heart surgery because 7 days is not at all a big time".

Now since this is about you, so you have time.

But just 1 hour time with students in slums or an hour with disabled citizens or senior citizens is too much time for you.
That is what we regularly experience..

Covid19 is one issue which have made everyone know that "I must protect myself" "I must protect my family" and if I am CEO or HR, then "I must take care of my company people and supply chain..."

This attitude towards society makes our heart cry.

How BIG is Earth ?
Earth, the third planet from the sun, is the fifth largest planet in the solar system;
Only the gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are bigger.

Earth is the largest of the terrestrial planets of the inner solar system, bigger than Mercury, Venus and Mars.

The radius of Earth at the equator is 3,963 miles (6,378 kilometers)

Earth's polar radius is 3,950 miles (6,356 km) — a difference of 13 miles (22 km).

NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has discovered its first Earth-size planet in its star's habitable zone, the range of distances where conditions may be just right to allow the presence of liquid water on the surface. Scientists confirmed the find, called TOI 700 d, using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and have modeled the planet's potential environments to help inform future observations.


How BIG is Earth ?
Earth, the third planet from the sun, is the fifth largest planet in the solar system;
Only the gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are bigger.

Earth is the largest of the terrestrial planets of the inner solar system, bigger than Mercury, Venus and Mars.

NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has discovered its first Earth-size planet in its star's habitable zone, the range of distances where conditions may be just right to allow the presence of liquid water on the surface. Scientists confirmed the find, called TOI 700 d, using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and have modeled the planet's potential environments to help inform future observations.











All brands are diamonds
Focus : Get Mind Share




Google is a search engine.
At 8.38 Hrs on 24.4.2020, we searched Corporates in Japan.
In 0.65 seconds, we got 2,20,00,00,000 results.
Searching all these sites will take life's time.

In just go to Corporates folder, select Japan and you go to Japan. Just few seconds.

Same with NGOs, Media, Celebrities, Brand Ambassadors, Funding agencies ....

Every individual has unique identity. Even two sons are different. In their life thinking and mindset.

Example is clear
Neil Armstrong was great Austronaut and the first human to walk on moon. His two sons are not astronauts like him.

We value Brands.
Each brand has marketing strategies helping it stand out in the crowd of brands.
We value Mind Share first because then you get sustainable and reputed market share
Yes automatically.

Charity begins at home.

If governing own house is a problem, imagine how tough it is to govern a country.

And there is no point even in imagining the problems world faces.

There is no point even to think challenges universe faces.

So start with self.
Do you have Marketing Strategies helping you stand out in the crowd or you just exist and vanish after some years doing nothing notable
to Mother Earth.

We will be happy to help PR Agencies in the world

Corporates can share link to their Social, Health, Climate programmes free.
We will share it free in the Corporate Brand forum of that country.
Just name with link to issues your brand to supports.
PR Agencies can also send liks to us .
Its their Social PR




Death postponed




Today's consumers expect companies to act on
Social, Environmental Issues
Instead of Market Share (MS),
its time businesses win
Mind Share (MS)


Indians and
cricket lovers

All love West Indians
Garfield Sobers
Clive Lloyd
Michael Holding
Roberts, Marshall

West Indies is a Team
But do you know that

West Indies is not a country

The West Indies cricket team, nicknamed the Windies, is a multi-national men's cricket team representing the mainly English-speaking nations and territories in the Caribbean region.

The players on this composite team are selected from a chain of fifteen Caribbean territories, mentioned below and these are parts of several different countries and dependencies.

Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago Saint Kitts and Nevis British Overseas Territories
British Virgin Islands Sint Maarten
US Virgin Islands

Fact are facts. Whichever way you say & think





Identity is what you are. Image is what people see. Brand reputation is sustainable only if Your Identity and Your Brand Image are same.
Consumers have decided to associate themself with good & caring brands. They are like parents & close friends. They scold you because they care for you.
Now its time "You decide" whether you are just money making machines or good & caing of your consumers & clients who are your parents & close friends..

CSR is far deeper than Corporate Social Responsibility. Not just corporates but every NGO, FA, Media, Government, Citizen has social responsibility.
We want every corporate to share their annual reports which has Profit & Loss statement freely accessible to all. Do we bother about NGOs, FAs, Media?
The number of people corporate sector gives livelihood is in billions. It is multiple times that of NGOs, FAs, Media, Governments. Are we aware of this.

We cant change your thinking fast. So we changed the very way, we think of CSR. Now it is Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation.
So all governments, for profits, not for profits, religious locations, rivers, all 7.7 billion citizens must have Conscience, must be Sustainable & care for their reputation.

258 (Countries (UN / Non UN members), SARs, Islands, Territories)

All countries
(193 UN member countries, 2 SARs, 63 Non UN member countries which also has Islands & territories)

Some countries are very small so they are not covered in worldmap. We cover them in the drop down on left of countries pages. Click here to go to world map and on the left is a drop down of all countries

Each country shares following directly
Area, Capital, Currency, Emergency numbers, Flag, Government, Law ministry, Languages citizens use, Police, Political parties, Religions of citizens, Awards

We cover under different fora for each of the following but keeping your time in mind,

1) from each country, we give links to following related stakeholders

Corporates countrywise, NGOs countrywise
Funding agencies, UN, Media, Celebrities, Advertising agencies, PR agencies
Business Associations, Industry Associations,
MBA Colleges, Medical Colleges, Law Colleges, Social Work Colleges
Religious locations, Historical locations, Tourism locations, Experiential tourism
Business celebs, Film celebrities, Interesting facts.

2) Social, Health, Climate issues of the country
Agriculture, Blood donation, Cancer, Child Health, Children, Climate Change
Disability, Education , Energy  , Environment, GLBT, Health, HIV, Housing
Livelihood , Nutrition , Rural Development , Senior Citizens, Skill Development
, Urban Development, Village Development, Water , Women, Youth





Thane is not a country.
Its a district in Maharashtra State of India.

India's Human Development Index is 129 in 2019
We dont know Thane's
Human Development Index.
Rank 1 is Norway
Rank 2 Switzerland

We know Thane suddenly cant be best example but we will make best efforts to make Thane Unique Global example in
1) Education library
2) Blood donation
3) Retail donation

And we will be integrators. All money to Thane will be in the form of donation and it will be to Developed Nation Network Trust, which is an NGO we formed in 2009.
It has 80G and FCRA, so you can help from any country either in money form or in books form.

About Blood donation, it will be blood donated in Thane.

About Retail donation, we plan to donate at least 10 million (1 crore) to Thane and we dont have any money. We will work you to give Thane the amount not in cash term but in terms of help of health issues, education, water, senior citizens, disabled ...


CSR means Conscience Sustainability & Reputation. It is deeper than just CSR as Corporate Social Responsibility
We think each individual and organisation on earth has Social Responsibility.

All 7.8 billion people on earth use products and medicines which are made and sold by corporates, so we all are users and ethical (not financial) shareholders of corporates.
Either as buyers or shareholders or stock exchange players (!), we are income source of corporates and yes, corporates give income opportunities to not just millions of employees, supply chain people and even to truckers or whoever transfers products from factory to consumers.

Some from corporate background form funding agencies or trustees of funding agencies which fund NGOs
So directly and indirectly, corporates are responsible for NGO income and salary of employees will stop if there is no income.

So role of corporates is far more important than just the money they give traditionally under Corporate Social Responsibility account.